The 2016 Sales Record for Ohio’s Housing Market Surpass the 2005 Performance

Last year December marked the closure of one of the busiest year’s experienced by the Ohio real estate market since 2005. This happened despite the slowdown experienced in countrywide sales. According to the Ohio Association of Realtors, the state-wide purchases of homes rose by 7.5% from 2005 to about 151,600 last year. In fact, the Northeast Ohio has an increment of about 8% in sales. This is based on listing service information related to newly constructed and previously owned residences.

Pete Kopf, a realtor in Cincinnati, was one of the people who acknowledged the gains achieved by the Ohio housing market. More importantly, the December sales were about 2.8% higher than those attained in 2015. The average house sales price rose by 4.8% from 2015 to $159,531 last month. However, certain Ohio markets such as Northeast Ohio posted declines year-over-year.

About Tammy Mazzocco

Tammy Mazzocco is an established real estate agent who is based in Ohio. She began her career in real estate by working for The Edwards Realty Company as a secretary. Mike is a renowned commercial realtor. Later on, she spent about seven years of her life working at the Scotland Yard Condominiums. During this duration, Tammy Mazzocco became a fully licensed realtor at the suggestion of the owner of Cook Realty, Ken Cook, and the general manager of Scotland Yard. For more info, visit Tammy’s bio.

Ken Cook has played an instrumental role in molding Tammy Mazzocco to be the kind of person she is today. In fact, he is acknowledged for motivating and teaching Tammy during her early experience in the real estate industry. Judy Gang of Judy Gang & Associates has also played a major role in inspiring Tammy Mazzocco. Currently, Tammy sells a wide range of residential properties in various locations such as Delaware, Licking, Fairfield and Franklin counties in Central Ohio.

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The Quincy Apartment, New Brunswick, NJ Crime Incidences

There was shooting in Quincy apartment, New Brunswick, NJ as result one person was injured. The victim was quickly taken to the hospital in a private vehicle, police began the investigation of the incident. In the recent years, the complex has been a hotspot for crimes, there was also another shooting on October 5th the same year that occurred in the same manner, it was reported that three to four shots were heard at around 9 pm, this is according to the police transmissions.



According to the police spokesperson, Captain JT Miller, police answered to a reported shooting in commercial residence. He said that an individual into Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital just a few moments with a minor gunshot wound. He stated that detective is actively looking into the case in a bid to solve the issue. The identities of the victim as well as the suspects cannot be revealed due to possible charges that might follow later.



The apartment is a 206 unit that is owned by a limited liability company that is located in North Quincy, Massachusetts. It can be found adjacent of police the department headquarters of Rutgers University. The suspect of the incidence is described as a man wearing a hoodie, who fled towards Nielsen Street, this is based on the information from police radio.



Prior to the crime occurring the delivery man went to the apartment that he was supposed to deliver the pizza, however, the resident said that no pizza had been ordered from the residence. Upon return to his vehicle, he was confronted by a gang of three, they robbed him of his pizza and his money, after that they shot him and drove off.



He gang claimed that were the one who had ordered the pizza. This happened while they were aiming a gun on his forehead. The men demanded money as well as the pizza. The driver complies with all their demands. However, they still shot him anyway. According to those who witnessed the crime, they told the police that the gang fled in a minivan.



Afterward, an ordinary street man was connected to the case through cell phone information. He was charged bearing weapon unlawfully, obstruction of justice, robbery, and giving wrong information.