MindStrong Heath Raisese $14 Million in Funds In Part From Jim Tananbaum’s Foresite Capital

Smartphones represent a piece of tech that has become common to carry. How can this habit of carrying a phone be leveraged by healthcare providers? One start-up, Mindstrong Health, has come up with a way to use the way a person swipes and types with their phone as data that can show information about the user’s cognitive and emotional health. Because mental health is such a large issue across the globe, this new technology could really change the way patients and health care providers face the challenges related to diagnosing, treating, and monitoring mental health disorders.

The potential is huge, and ventor capitalist firm Foresite Capital did not miss out on the opportunity to contribute. According to patientdaily.com, during the Series A round of raising funds, the Mindstrong venture ensured $14 million in funding, and these contributions were led by Foresite Capital funding. Foresite Capital’s CEO said on Bloomberg that he can clearly see the value and potential aid that the Mindstrong product could have for its users. In his own words, he said,”Mindstrong Health’s founding team brings unmatched understanding of the critical challenges surrounding the way in which the medical community cares for patients suffering from cognitive health disorders”.

Jim Tananbaum is known for combining growth investing with healthcare investing, and has placed many well rewarded investments into healthcare ventures in the past. His work has included a backing of Juno Therapeutics, which became a well-used diabetes treatment option.

Jim Tananbaum has a background in business and investing that led him to his role as CEO of Foresite Alliance. He went to graduate school at Harvard, and obtained a masters in business. Always eager to contribute to research and projects that excite he and his team, Tananbaum has contributed to many of the advances in healthcare over the last ten years.

Tananbaum’s investments cover a wide range of the healthcare industry, and include investments related to autoimmune health and food allergies, diabetes care and treatment, and mental health. In addition to his masters in business from Harvard, he also holds an MD from Harvard Medical School. He is interested in genetic epidemiology research as well as other research areas. For more info, visit his Linked In profile.

Ref: https://www.facebook.com/public/Jim-Tananbaum

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