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The Frontera Fund, which was founded by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, supports human, civil, and migrant rights. It also supports freedom of speech and the civic participation of those living throughout Arizona and the Mexican border. As co-founders of the Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media they enthusiastically shared their settlement money to fund migrant rights organizations.

Michael and Jim received settlement money from being wrongfully arrested on October 18, 2007 by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were taken from their homes in the middle of the night and arrested after they reported about the grand jury proceedings. Arpaio pursued the reporters’ notes on different articles that covered what the Sheriff was doing.

They received grand jury subpoenas that demanded the identity of people who read the New Times stories online that involved sheriff Joe Arpaio. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin defended those citizens on their First Amendment rights and denied Joe the notes.

It took ten years to convict Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The legal proceedings were long, but the verdict proved that Arpaio was guilty of anti-immigrant profiling of Latinos and the abuse of his power.

Sentencing will take place on October 5, 2017, but Arpaio and his legal team are fighting for a jury trial. He is facing six months in prison. During the trial stage, Arpaio showed contempt and disregard for Judge Snow. The Judge in turned asked Arpaio to stop the racial profiling.

The sheriff was taken down by community groups and activists who collected the evidence and logged all documents on his anti-immigrant policies. Many documents showed Arpaio’s unconstitutional racial profiling of Arizona’s citizens. Videographer Dennis Gilman, documented Arpaio’s action against the predominantly Hispanic neighborhoods by saturating their neighborhoods with police patrols. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin:

Many people worked for years on the case and it paid off when they could bring forth a solid case that clearly explained to the judge and the public the racial profiling that was being done. A new and younger breed of activists joined the fight and kept it going until Arpaio was convicted.

Non-profit organizations along with grassroots groups were put together to fight Arpaio. They formed neighborhood leaderships, Cop Watch, Lucha and many other groups, to keep an eye on what the sheriff and his followers were doing throughout the county. Even the courts ordered an appointed monitor and a citizens group to monitor the actions of the sheriff’s department.

For the most part, the media ended up caving into the wishes of Arpaio because they were afraid of Joe and his loyalists. Jim Larkin and Michel Lacey were not afraid and began confronting the sheriff.

The sheriff went off in a rage when Jim Larkin and Michel Lacey supported the journalists who uncovered all of Joe’s misconducts. Joe’s retaliation of demanding the journalist’s notes was denied and the executives of the media later sued in court and won a $3.75 million dollar settlement. The disrespect against journalism and the freedom of expression is what gave way for the birth of the Frontera Fund.


The Goals of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin – Front Page Confidential Versus Joe Arpaio

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin began their careers together, and they still work together. They may not be working at the Phoenix New Times still, but they have created a newspaper with goals very similar to their previous publication.

The Phoenix New Times spent a lot of time helping Arizona citizens, working to expose Joe Arpaio, local corrupt politician, to the public. Their new paper, Front Page Confidential, has continued this goal.

A recent topic in the pages of Lacey and Larkin’s newest paper is the Stormy Daniels/Donald Trump controversy. Specifically, Front Page Confidential has been offering insight into the life of Michael Avenatti, the lawyer representing Stormy Daniels.

Avenatti has been making the rounds on television, sharing what he can about the case to viewers. Daniels’ lawyer has been fighting for her right to speak about an alleged affair between her and President Trump.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin haven’t forgot about Joe Arpaio either. They are still working to make sure Joe Arpaio never holds office again. Joe Arpaio was a terrible sheriff; he would make a worse congressman.

After a lawsuit involving Joe Arpaio, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin founded The Frontera Fund to protect others from suffering first amendment rights violations. When Arpaio arrested Lacey and Larkin in 2007, they knew exactly what it was like to have that right infringed on.

The Frontera Fund specifically targets Hispanics. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin target this group of people because Joe Arpaio was relentless with how he treated them, often arresting people of color for no reason other than their ethnicity.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are just a few of the individuals standing between Joe Arpaio and a seat in United States Congress.


Up Close and Personal with the CEO & Founder of Foresite Capital Jim Tananbaum

Jim Tananbaum is the CEO and Founder of Foresite Capital. He founded Foresite back in 2011 as a private equity firm dedicated to healthcare and specializing in the identification of emerging healthcare leaders. His firm helps emerging healthcare leaders grow to profitability by supplying them with information, networks, and capital.

Before founding Foresite Capital, Mr. Jim Tananbaum co-founded two healthcare investment practices and two biopharmaceutical companies. Jim founded GelTex Pharmaceuticals, which for not more than $80 million introduced two drugs on to the market. In 1998, GelTex was acquired for approximately $1.6 billion when Renagel (Renzela), its lead drug attained an annual run rate revenue of over $200 million. Presently, Renzela is approximated to produce about $1 billion in revenue annually. He also co-founded Theravance, Inc and held the position of CEO.

Mr. Tananbaum’s investment experience is very vast, reveals He is Prospect Venture Partners II & III’s founding partner. Additionally, he helped Sierra Ventures set up its healthcare investment practice services. He has led several investments such as the Amerigroup NASDAQ: AMGP, Amira Pharmaceuticals, Jazz Pharmaceuticals NASDAQ: JAZZ, and Healtheon NASDAQ:WBMD. When founding Foresite Capital, Jim had the vision of bringing together all elements of his career to come up with a novel investment platform.

At Yale, Jim was an electrical engineering and math major. He received his MBA and MD from Harvard. He also holds an MS from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Ever since Jim was in high school, he has been zealous about the marriage of computer science and interdisciplinary hard sciences with healthcare. Jim has had quite a number of long-term productive relationships with various leading academicians.

His collaborators including George Whitesides (Harvard), Roy Vagelos (Merck and Theravance), Rick Klausner (NCI), Rick Levin (Yale), and Bob Gunderson (Gunderson Detmer) have been his mentors. Mr. Tananbaum is passionate about carrying on with his evolution of working on fields with leading academicians and entrepreneurs.

According to Jim Tananbaum, bringing ideas to life doesn’t involve capital only. It requires engaging the most effective, smartest, and persistent leaders in healthcare. His business involves providing these people with means to aid in their critical scientific discoveries.

Jail Business

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