Securus Technologies Instrumental in Cracking Down on Inmate Violence

Ask any corrections officer what the most challenging part of their job is, and most will tell you that working closely with inmates who would jump at the chance to hurt them. With all the latest advances in technology, I go to work each day at the local prison on high-alert that things could go bad at any moment.


Recently an inmate used a weapon that was hidden in the yard to attack two guards, putting both of them in a hospital for months. Our corrections officers has been working closely with Securus Technologies this year to tighten up security to make this facility safer for everyone. The company developed a telephone monitor that works inside the jail and picks up unique conversations by inmates that could be reason for concern down the road.


The LBS software is capable of doing the work of a team of guards, so these officers are now on the floor while the system scans calls for trouble. If any inmate even whispers about weapons, violence, gangs, drugs, and contraband, and the alert goes out so my officers can investigate the issue and eliminate any threat.


To that point, this year has been a complete turnaround as far as violence against officers. Our jail is don 40 percent in these violent outbursts due in part to Securus Technologies. In one week we heard an inmate talk about a knife hidden in the yard buried under the grass, another discuss drugs in his ventilation system, and one inmate speaking with gang members about punishing a rival gang leader. Our team strikes fast regardless the severity of the concern, helping to reduce the chances that these inmates are in the position to be able to overpower a guard, inmate, worker, or even guest.