Fabletics: Leading The Way In The Fitness and Active Apparel Industry!

Amazon is one of the largest retail outlets there is and with approximately 26.5 million different items sold each day, it can be a daunting feat competing with them in the fashion industry. Amazon literally has 20% of the market cornered of the e-commerce industry. This however, has been no challenge for Kate Hudson’s Fabletics athletic clothing line that is taking the internet by storm. You may be wondering the secret to her great success, which has catapulted her activewear to one of the top manufacturers in the fitness industry. In today’s economy, more people are employing the ease of online retail shopping over physically having to go to the store. Let’s face it, the internet due to its great diversity, offers many more options and much better savings than traditional shopping. Fabletics has taken great advantage of this fact and employs a subscription platform that allows the patron to customize their own looks. Having this membership base provides convenience, dependability and savings with the ease of shopping from home or anywhere in the world. Nowadays, having the ability to personalize one’s shopping experience is just as important as convenience or price.


The premise of how the system works, is a customer interested in acquiring some of Fabletics many stylish athletic apparel or accessories pays $39.95 each month and this allows them to mount up credits that can be traded for the store’s items. Fabletics has a highly innovative and customizable software program on its website that keeps in its memory previous purchases and preferences that in turn, help the customers next selection by offering similar items. Registration involves filling out a form of questions that informs the program of a user’s likes, dislikes and preferences. From here, Fabletics can send the appropriate outfit suggestions each month to a member and they choose whether they want to skip the offer, request another suggestion or approve the purchase. If credit is given on the account, an outfit can be redeemed at any time because Fabletics policies reflect no expiration. To date, Kate Hudson has literally inspired millions of patrons to sign up for a membership and is giving companies like Amazon a run for their money. Signing up is super simple and taking the Lifestyle Quiz will ensure the customer always has the exact kind of apparel that is perfectly tailored to their lifestyle and preferences.

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