Alex Pall Highlights Journey to Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers’s new sound track hit “Closer,” was released as of yesterday featuring Halsey. In contrast to their previous singles such as “Don’t Let Me Down” and “Roses”, Andrew Taggart (the other half of Chainsmokers) will be seen singing.

Artists who sing their own songs are typical and usual in the music world, however, the Chainsmokers duo deviates from the usual and regular stints where DJs depend on vocalists and songwriters to add that human presence in their skillfully created sonics. The duo’s leap into putting their special brand of disco tunes is nicely interwoven in their desire to be acknowledged as genuine musicians and performers who have points of view compared to unidentified individuals positioned within the DJ booth.

While other artists prefer to perform behind wide expanses of musical instruments and other types of stage camouflage Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart chose to expose their selves more on each stage performance, where they display a personal familiarity into a category lacks passion and enthusiasm.

In an interview on how they would progress as a pair, how they would substantiate their identity, and their new track, Alex Pall said that he grew up as a DJ since it was his past-time. He said he deejay all over New York, like a small time work that was not really just a hobby but something he really wants to do.

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Pall revealed that it was frightening living it up in the city doing something that is not really considered as a job but more of like a diversion for fun. Then after some time he said he was in an art gallery – when he realized that his life is being overwhelmed by dance music and he wanted to make a go for it in the proper direction.

He was working at that time with the same manager that they now have who acquainted him with Drew. That’s when the two met and began working together. He quit his job and left Maine and joined Drew.

As for Andrew Taggart, he said he met Alex through a kid who works for Pall’s manager, who told him that the Chainsmokers need another guy on the team and he would be a good choice. So he took a bus from Maine, and joined Alex in New York.

Prisons Are Being Infiltrated

Based within Austin, Texas is a tech company that specializes in creating safety products. These safety products have been implemented into law enforcement, correctional facilities, public safety sectors, and have been used by private investigators to keep their homes secure. Securus Technologies can be found keeping over 1000 prisons safe and protecting the 1.2 million prisoners that live inside.


Securus Technologies devotes most of its time to keeping inmates safe from one another and stopping inmates from continuing criminal activity on the outside. Over the years, criminals have become more crafty in finding ways to bypass the security measures implemented by Securus Technologies. Perhaps one of the most inventive ones has been using drones to deliver contraband items into the prison system.


Often when you think of hobby drones you think of them taking photographs of pretty birds or landscapes or following some kid arriving on his bicycle. However, drones are also being used to bring illegal merchandise into the yards of prisons. These illegal drones carry items such as drugs, pornography, cell phones, and weapons.


Securus Technologies takes this invasion from criminals extremely seriously. They understand that these items pose a threat to the personnel who run the correctional facilities and the inmates living inside and even those living in the residential districts surrounding the prison. They have put their heads together with some of the brightest in the industry and they believe that they can use a system known as the Wireless Containment Solutions to prevent these drones from delivering their goods.


After working with engineers for over 18 months, Securus Technologies believes that the Wireless Containment Solutions will be capable of locking onto the unique signature of each drone and sending an electrical pulse that will immediately disrupt its connection causing it to fall to the ground. They want to get to the point however that they can manually override its technology and begin controlling it themselves.


Securus Technologies has recently received many awards proving that it is the top choice for anybody needing safety technology. They have recently received three Stevie Awards in the areas of innovation and customer service. Their customer service team received the gold award for its work in dealing with customer complaints and using it to create further innovation in the company. Within their customer service team, the vice president was able to take home the silver award for her hard work in ensuring that customers receive what they ask for. Lastly, their visual team received the bronze award for successfully monitoring and stopping many crimes before they were committed. Securus Technologies can hold its head proud knowing it is making this world a safer place to live in for us all.

The Story of Doe Deere

Doe Deere is an amazing russian woman who made make up for women. Deere grew up in New York. She studied fashion and started her own cosmetic line called Lime Crime. The base of her business is in Los Angeles California where all of her makeup consist of colorful and cruelty free cosmetics. Deere’s makeup line was established in 2008 starting herself off with various eye shadow, glitter and brushes. Her mission is to give women the feeling of being empowered, fearless and have high self esteem by wearing makeup. is her website that has products that range from $6-20 dollars and has different types of makeup to give you that “this is me” look. Deere also began her own clothing designs which sparked the idea of wanting to start her own makeup line because she would always get complements from the outfits she wore ultimately letting makeup put an emphasis on her attire. In 2004, she started selling her Lime Crime clothing designs through ebay making it her first store. When she launched the line in ’08 her makeup products were being sold for $12 dollars and she also provided makeup tutorials which ended up giving her notoriety. Deere studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology but later went on to asunder herself from the institute and start her business. Doe Deere is no ordinary makeup artist she has spent countless hours perfecting her craft, getting opinions from people and also taking the time to experiment her work to understand the essence of makeup and fashion itself. Deere tells us that when while she held online contest that help build her brand and provided exposure leading her to have 3 million followers on social media. Deere has been through a serious of challenges and debocoles throughout her career including a security breach in 2014 which resulted in her losing customers. Things started to change for Deere when she launched a liquid-to-matte lipstick in which she worked with professional chemist to obtain flawless results. Back when she started her online store on ebay she informs us that the name “limecrime” comes from The Internet being evil and deceiving. Deere’s goal is to always stay connected with her customers and always search for new ideas to better her brand and not just seem like a regular makeup artist that can provided color but give people something they can feel and bring their fantasies or desire to life.


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