What Betsy DeVos Thinks About Public Education

Betsy DeVos is one of the most polarizing figures in Washington. However, those who both love and hate her agree that she is a capable leader who is to be both respected and feared. Therefore, her slow start in the Trump administration should not be taken as a sign that she isn’t going to do her job well.


Mrs. DeVos Has Always Been a Fighter for Education Reform


Betsy DeVos says that she first became a champion of education reform after visiting private schools in the state of Michigan. She noted that her children had the opportunity to get the best education possible without causing a lot of strain on the family’s finances. However, she noticed that the same wasn’t necessarily true of the other parents who sent their children to private schools. Therefore, she started to devote time and money to making private schools more accessible to students regardless of their financial resources.


Public and Private Schools Should Be Treated the Same


According to Mrs. DeVos, public and private schools both attempt to serve the best interests of the children who attend them. The only difference is the approach in which they try to educate the students. Therefore, she believes that there should be no difference in how governments perceives funding for public schools as opposed to charter or Christian schools.


The Idea Has Been Around For Awhile


Although the idea to treat all schools the same as it relates to funding may be seen as a controversial idea, it is not necessarily a new one. It has been around for hundreds of years, and it originated in the European countries where her ancestors were from.


Betsy DeVos Wants Broader Educational Reforms


Betsy DeVos thinks that schools should be assigned on something more specific to a student’s needs than his or her home address. Instead, the student should be allowed to go to whatever school will provide the best education. This is true regardless of whether an educational provider is a charter school, a Christian school or a public school. However, she does generally believe that public schools are not the answer.


More Information About Betsy DeVos


Betsy DeVos is married to Dick Devos, who is the son of Amway’s founder. They have teamed up to donate millions of dollars to schools and other causes that are important to them. Dick DeVos was the CEO of Amway for a period of several years.


To learn more, visit www.betsydevos.com.

Neurocore in the Treatment of Mental Disorders

The firm operates in eight different locations that are spread out in Michigan and Florida. The Neurocore Brain Performance Centers use data to conduct brain assessments for both children and adults. The medical procedures are meant to improve a person’s level of concentration and to manage the level of stress. The company was started in 2004 and has gained national recognition for the use of applied neuroscience. At the firm, neurofeedback is an important treatment technique and has yielded good results. However, it has been in use by various scientists around the world since the 1960s. One of the most successful projects by the Neurocore Brain Performance Centers is the brain training room located in Boca Raton. The facility is one of a kind in the world. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

Professionalism is an important virtue in the organization. To achieve that, the management only hires highly trained and registered or licensed clinicians. Some people find the use of insurance policies in various health centers more convenient. For that reason, the firm accepts insurance covers from many insurance carriers in the United States. There are other payment options available for the patients. The management of the company has played a key role in its growth. Mark Murrison works as its CEO and has many years of experience in top management positions. He previously worked at MDVIP as the firm’s president and managed to transform it into one of the best performers in the health industry. Mark Murrison is the pioneer of a healthcare consulting organization known as ScaleRx.

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Neuocore develops products that are effective in the treatment of various health conditions. One of the products is known as Neurocore Muscletech. It is used as a pre-workout stimulant. It is made from ingredients that have been clinically proven as effective to ensure the delivery of high amounts of energy and intense focus during the workouts. The stimulant contains beta-alanine and the compound is important in boosting the muscle’s ability to build strength. The product is made according to the industry standards to ensure it’s pure and of high-quality. Neurocore hopes to expand to other parts of the world in the near future. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Herbalife in 2019

Herbalife Nutrition has proved to do very well in the in the recent years. This is due to the enormous growth in its stock. Because of this, it has acquired many investors who have greatly helped the company to keep up its standards and grow even more. Herbalife Nutrition is concerned with helping people manage their weight and also helps them live a healthy life. Because of this, many people have appreciated the company and in turn, it has gained a lot of popularity. The company has gone as far as dominating the market due to the prolific products it produces.

The users of their products have given a lot of positive results which proves that their products are authentic and very effective. The company has an exemplary team which works tirelessly and to produce nothing but the best for their clients. They also ensure to meet their customers’ needs and to always deliver products on time. This is another reason that has made the company experience such a tremendous growth due to the wonderful services. In the first three months of 2018, the company’s stock growth doubled and this enabled it to dominate the market. The management of the company succeeded in raising a lot of money by the end of 2018. Products offered by Herbalife are simply the best.

They contain nutritious minerals that supply the required minerals in the body. In addition to that, their products are suitable for people to engage in activities that involve using a lot of energy such as sports. They are also great for people who want to cut down on weight and have proven to be very effective. Due to this, their products have been greatly appreciated and in turn, this has built a great reputation for the company. Herbalife is able to maintain their customers and is also able to attract new ones. This is also a quality that has greatly made the company grow. In addition to that, Herbalife has managed to distribute its products to be sold in many countries which have also boosted the growth of the company. With the data, it is without a doubt that Herbalife Nutrition will continue scaling greater heights even in 2019.



Hair Care Tips For Healthy Hair

Hair is an integral part of any female’s beauty, and many standards have been set for what is healthy hair. Some people term healthy hair as natural hair while some consider healthy hair one that is taken care of correctly whether it is processed or natural. Despite the different standards that exist taking care of your hair is what is vital to its health. If you are the kind of girl that washes your hair and ties it up in a bun without any other additions to it, you need to change this for healthy and prosperous growth.

To have healthy hair, you need to wash it and shampoo it with WEN By Chaz Hair Care shampoo and conditioner. These two products by WEN are specially infused with organic and natural ingredients that add moisture to your hair and replenish it as well. The WEN By Chaz shampoo and conditioner will also add nutrients to your scalp ensuring it does not dry and is rejuvenated.

WEN By Chaz Dean (see; wenhaircare.com) Hair Care products include all types of hair care products from the shampoos to the hair masks and oils. If you want to have healthy hair that is fuller and moisturized, these products will provide you with these results. Wen.com products are also affordable and do not have any side effects.

Do not let your hair get dry and break because of neglecting. Take care of your hair constantly by feeding it with oils and washing and conditioning it every week. This will provide you with the effective results that you need for healthy hair. Healthy hair will provide you as a woman with the bounce that you need and the freshness that will add to your beauty. Begin taking care of your hair now by purchasing the correct products for it and eating healthily. Wen products are available on QVC.

MB2 Dental Renders Much Needed Dental Care To Remote Island

MB2 Dental Solutions is a network of dentists who work together to give professional support to each other. The company has partnered with more than ninety affiliated groups of dentists as well as private practice dentists to provide them with the founding principal that more can be accomplished when working together than can be accomplished alone. MB2 Dental recently traveled to a remote area on the island of Jamaica to give much needed dental service to children and adults who did not have access to any type of dental care. A video was made of the team as they were rendering service to more than four hundred people.

The MB2 Dental team also went to the Montego Infant School and the Falmouth All Age School to offer educational seminars, and to leave with the students dental hygiene tools such as toothbrushes and toothpaste. This effort was to encourage the children to continue with the oral hygiene. The dentists on the team came away with an increased passion for rendering exceptional care for the patients in their own communities. The Jamaica tour was spearheaded by Dr. Joseph Dove. The team of sixteen dentists performed tooth extractions, fillings, and cleanings for people in the Trelawny and St. James communities in Jamaica.

MB2 Dental Solutions also released a new video in their We Are Dentistry campaign. This video featured Dr. Matthew Simmons who is the owner of El Campo Dentistry. Dr. Simmons was chosen to be featured because he has shown a total commitment to the communities of Victoria and El Campo. Another attribute for Dr. Simmons is his proficiency in caring and providing for his patients. The video is comprised of information about his growing up, and how he uses that to be empathetic with his patients.

Dr. Simmons also speaks about how dentistry has made him feel the joy he has experienced through owning his own home, meeting different people, and having a high self esteem. Dr. Simmons relates the fact that he and his wife enjoy hosting get-togethers for the neighbors, dinners, and he is a very active golfer. The series, We Are Dentistry, was created to show dental care that is personalized, and to allow viewers to see the person behind the doctor’s coat. The MB2 Dental Solutions We Are Dntistry Series allows the viewer to see the lifestyle and challenges that dentists face on a daily basis.

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“Marc Beer in the Field of Business “

Been a successful businessman requires a lot of dedication and hard work in the business that a person has decided to venture into. It is also necessary for one to have substantial knowledge in of that particular business and also possess great strategic skills. These qualities are essential in operating a successful business. Mark Beer has proved to possess all the qualities in business. He has worked with many companies and it has managed to emerge successfully in every role he has been given. He participated in the founding of Renovia Inc. This is a company responsible for helping women with weak pelvic floors. Through his leadership, the company has managed to become very successful. He managed to acquire $42.3 million of funds which greatly helped to purchases the required equipment which has greatly helped to carry out treatment.

The money will come in handy in promoting future launches of the company. The company has incorporated creativity and technology to carry out research in the pelvic floor disorder and with being able to come up with new treatment methods that have greatly helped women to restore their pelvic floor muscles. Mark Beer’s ability to meet his targets and his great strategic skills has greatly helped him to become the great businessman he is today. Because of this, he has been a success in driving Renovia Inc to greater heights and has made it become the great company it is today.

He has also ensured that all clients are given the best medical treatment and this has made the company become appreciated by many people. He has greatly contributed to the development of pharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnostic devices throughout his career. He is a proud graduate of Miami University where he acquired a bachelor of science. He also acquired other degrees from renowned universities that have added to his knowledge in medicine. While studying, he was able to carry out many research projects that built his knowledge of understanding drugs and a lot about the human body. His knowledge is science has greatly helped him in a career.

Among other companies that he has worked with is Viacell which is a company that preserves umbilical cords for the purpose of preserving the stem cells contained in the umbilical cords. He worked as the CEO and he due to his exemplary leadership skills; he was able to take the company to greater heights. Currently, the company has provided job opportunities for many people and has helped treat many diseases with stem cell therapy. Mark Beers is also a founder of Good Start Compensation Committee and also plays a role in the Minerva Neuroscience Inc. Audit Committee. In addition to that, he also offers business advice to young upcoming entrepreneurs who have greatly helped many of them in their businesses. Learn more: https://www1.salary.com/Marc-Beer-Salary-Bonus-Stock-Options-for-AEGERION-PHARMACEUTICALS-INC.html