MB2 Dental Renders Much Needed Dental Care To Remote Island

MB2 Dental Solutions is a network of dentists who work together to give professional support to each other. The company has partnered with more than ninety affiliated groups of dentists as well as private practice dentists to provide them with the founding principal that more can be accomplished when working together than can be accomplished alone. MB2 Dental recently traveled to a remote area on the island of Jamaica to give much needed dental service to children and adults who did not have access to any type of dental care. A video was made of the team as they were rendering service to more than four hundred people.

The MB2 Dental team also went to the Montego Infant School and the Falmouth All Age School to offer educational seminars, and to leave with the students dental hygiene tools such as toothbrushes and toothpaste. This effort was to encourage the children to continue with the oral hygiene. The dentists on the team came away with an increased passion for rendering exceptional care for the patients in their own communities. The Jamaica tour was spearheaded by Dr. Joseph Dove. The team of sixteen dentists performed tooth extractions, fillings, and cleanings for people in the Trelawny and St. James communities in Jamaica.

MB2 Dental Solutions also released a new video in their We Are Dentistry campaign. This video featured Dr. Matthew Simmons who is the owner of El Campo Dentistry. Dr. Simmons was chosen to be featured because he has shown a total commitment to the communities of Victoria and El Campo. Another attribute for Dr. Simmons is his proficiency in caring and providing for his patients. The video is comprised of information about his growing up, and how he uses that to be empathetic with his patients.

Dr. Simmons also speaks about how dentistry has made him feel the joy he has experienced through owning his own home, meeting different people, and having a high self esteem. Dr. Simmons relates the fact that he and his wife enjoy hosting get-togethers for the neighbors, dinners, and he is a very active golfer. The series, We Are Dentistry, was created to show dental care that is personalized, and to allow viewers to see the person behind the doctor’s coat. The MB2 Dental Solutions We Are Dntistry Series allows the viewer to see the lifestyle and challenges that dentists face on a daily basis.

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