Attorney Rick Cofer Speaks on Lessons Learned in His Career

People who seek Rick Cofer’s services are in serious trouble. Cofer is the founder of the Austin-based Rick Cofer Law PLLC, a criminal defense law firm serving central Texas. The firm serves clients charged with a wide variety of crimes, including robbery, domestic violence, and drug-related offenses. Prior to opening his law office, Cofer was a prosecutor for approximately nine years. Cofer recently spoke on productive work habits, lessons learned, and his advice.


Rick Cofer has formed several habits that he said have enhanced his productivity. First, he doesn’t put off short tasks like replying to an email or text. Instead, he makes a point to complete those tasks by the end of the workday. Secondly, he delegates routine tasks to an assistant. Thirdly, he recommends keeping an early bedtime and not skipping breakfast. Finally, he sets aside one day each week to work on tasks that require more than 15 minutes of his concentration.


When asked what someone needed to do be successful in his field, Cofer advised:


  • Be kind.


  • Resect support staff.



  • Watch lots of trials.


  • Learn to listen.


Cofer also shared some lessons that he has learned over the course of his career. He says that people always remember how you made them feel. Therefore, treating people with courtesy, decency, and goodwill are of utmost importance. He also believes that performing high-caliber work for one’s clients speaks for itself.


Rick Cofer doesn’t spend all of his time working. In his spare time, he likes to take his corgi, Lady Bird, to the park. He also enjoys eating out in Austin and traveling. Finally, Cofer was asked for his recommendations for reading material. He put forth The Economist and the print version of one’s local newspaper.

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