A Look into the Life of Franci Neely

Franci Neely is a retired lawyer who worked in one of the best litigation firms while still practicing.

She says that she desired to be an actor but didn’t follow that line because she wanted to be financially stable.

She thus decided to ‘perform’ in court, as she puts it.

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Franci Neely retired early from law practice to focus on philanthropy and pursue her long-time goal to adventure and visit all the countries in the world.

She says she has gone to 190 countries and is set to get to many more.

She is the founder of the Franci Neely foundation that looks into what she was passionate about before law practice: supporting visual, performing, and literary arts.

The Franci Neely Foundation is actively involved in arts, with some projects running smoothly.

She is part of the Houston Cinema Arts Society, responsible for the annual arts film festival in Houston in November.

Her foundation has also been a part of Houston’s Islamic arts, film, and photography department of the Fine Arts Museum.

The Franci Neely Foundation also came up with scholarships to help young musicians in the Social action program in London.

Franci Neely attributes the success of her foundation to frequent checks and inspections into the foundation activities and records and a skilled financial team that maintains up-to-date records and books of the foundation.

They keep track of all their nonprofit contributions and check to see if they make a difference and impact where they are deposited.

To be a successful philanthropist, Franci Neely says that one should be disciplined, compassionate, and have a clear and well-stipulated vision.

An ideal philanthropist gives selflessly without expecting any gains in return.

Franci Neely supports visual, literary, and performing arts nonprofit communities.

She considers her nonprofits work successful when the art performed reaches other people, and they can experience the beauty of art.

Franci Neely has learned from being philanthropic that one should have a budget or plan before venturing into the same, giving should be proactive rather than reactive, focusing on one’s mission, and providing substantial donations to fewer people makes more impact.

To thrive in business, you need a bright and talented team that challenges you to be your best version, according to Franci Neely.