Alex Pissios’ Tale of the Windy City

Alex Pissios philanthropist & studio magnate

In the mid-2000s, Chicago developer Alex Pissios lost everything, including his house, and business. At thirty-five, he owed creditors over $13 million. Fortunately, he met Nick Mirkopoulos, the cousin of his grandfather, who created Cinespace Film Studios in Canada in 1990.

When Pissios was still in school, he was working as a property owner and collecting rental income to pay off his debts. During the real estate crisis, he could secure a loan with only ten percent down. As a result, he could purchase a building and get the renovation done while keeping creditors at bay. After he filed for bankruptcy, he received financial aid from Nick Mirkopoulos, an uncle who had been instrumental in the development of Cinespace.

As a result, he has brought billions of dollars in revenue into Illinois and Chicago. As the Cinespace Chicago Developer, Pissios is expanding the film studios.

Despite his humble beginnings, Pissios is determined to influence his community and the world. He believes in giving back and making the world a better place. Developing Cinespace Chicago was not only an opportunity for him, it was a second chance at a better life. He has helped many people and businesses rise from the ashes of adversity. Besides providing jobs to the residents of the area, the facility has also become a catalyst for positive social and economic change.

In 2008, Pissios met Nick Mirkopoulos at a cousin’s wedding and struck up a conversation. He spent the next two years scouring Chicago for a former industrial plant that could work as a creative workplace. He also secured financial grants for the project and sought the best location for the project. After finding the perfect location, Pissios approached his uncle Nick to help him secure financing and a construction crew.

After filing for bankruptcy, Alex Pissios received a loan from his uncle Nick to help him get back on his feet. During the following two years, Pissios scoured the city looking for old industrial plants and commercial buildings to renovate. He also began meeting with local politicians to secure financial grants for Cinespace Chicago. Eventually, he presented the opportunity to his uncle Nick, who could finance the project. 

Alex Pissios’s story is a great tale of accomplishment.