Andreas Hassellof and Ombori!!!

Andreas Hassellof is the founder and CEO of an app-based commerce services company. He founded the company, called Ombori, in september, 2015 and has been the CEO for the last six pears. Andreas Hassellof was born into a highly religious family in Stockholm, Sweden and in his youth, he became an evangelist. He remembers this profession as always having to pitch ideas and concepts to people, to attempt to turn them into true believers. He says that this profession and his experience with it has been a key element in his success as a tech startup entrepreneur.

Hassellof eventually left evangelism to start a series of internet, app-based companies. His main focus is on developing ecommerce as well as cybersecurity. His most successful startup, Ombori has a series of ecommerce apps, called OmboriGrid, that are mobile platforms that are related to shopping. They often merge the related websites with the shopping experience and the infrastructure thereof. One of the key products that Hassellof’s company created was Web2App, which instantly merges any social or shopping environment with various information of the internet. The efficiency and agility of these app-based utilities has made Hassellof and Ombori extremely successful.

Hassellof, in an interview with, stated that the onset of COVID-19 halted shopping and commerce for a time, and that Ombori had to efficiently adapt to these global changes. Hassellof states that he put too much of the workload and the responsibilities on himself; he has now learned to better delegate and modularize production among his close support team. He also stated that partnership with Microsoft was very key to the company’s early development. Developing a user-friendly app, such as OmboriGrid takes a good sense of timing for knowing when to enter the marketplace, and it also should focus on creating recurring revenue. Andreas Hassellof and Ombori show what it takes to effectively leverage and develop ecommerce platforms.

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