Benefits of DSI Cloud Inventory Products

Data Systems International is one of the companies that continues to place reliable cloud inventory products in the market. Field Inventory Management is one of these products.

The special release is for use by customers already on Salesforce Customer Relationship Management. With this management system, it has now been made possible for the customers on Salesforce to capture accurate field data. They will have transparency on their inventory regarding location and their state while out in the field.

Field Inventory Management has placed more control on the other hands of its users, whereby they now have control of inventory regardless of the location.

Another inventory from DSI is Manufacturing Materials which is a mobile-first inventory. The inventory offers three benefits to all its customers being; control, visibility, and integration. When it comes to controlling, users get a chance to be accurate on many things, one of them being the inventory required by its customers. Users also can integrate other applications and tools to the Manufacturing Materials. The inventory gives a chance to track their inventory when out in the field.

Warehouse Inventory is another product from Data Systems’, that is useful to businesses in many ways.

Warehouse Inventory is a mobile-first inventory solution, which directly impacts the bottom line by improving inventory turns. It also creates inventory invisibility at any time. Tracking inventory is also made easy, allowing you to track at any location.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether the inventory is in the warehouse or out in the field; the user still controls it. Another outstanding thing about the warehouse inventory, Field Management Inventory, and Market Management is that users can use the products to customize the consumer’s needs. DSI has ensured that all its cloud inventory products are usable on mobile platforms allowing ease of use. See related link to learn more.


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