Richard Liu Qiangdong – Chinese Internet Celebrity

Richard Liu the CEO of Some think that may be the future of Chinese e-commerce. Today, it is impossible not to see that China is tech-driven and an economy based on consumption. Alibaba dominates in the apparel category, but JD has moved into China’s $5 trillion dollar market to sell in categories that include home appliances and electronics. JD also deals with logistics in-house, and this is something that Alibaba has been unwilling to do so far. JD also takes on the risk of carrying inventories.

This means his company may be able to achieve procurement scale over time. This may allow him to set the tone for selling quality products in a country that is known for selling fake goods. Also, in-house logistics can deliver products and services faster than status-quo companies.

Richard Liu Qiangdong graduated from Renmin University of China with a sociology degree. However, he spent a great deal of time learning to program at the highest levels. He also offered up his skills through freelance coding. After graduation, Liu earned an EMBA degree from China’s Europe International Business school. He then started his career working with a Japanese health product company. He held several roles that included director for business and director for computers.

Like many successful entrepreneurs, Liu chose to strike out on his own. He started with a small shop in Beijing and sold magneto-optical products. It only took several years for him to expand his store to 12. In 2004, he closed all his brick and mortal stores to focus on the emerging e-commerce industry. This is where he chose to sell electronics and consumer goods.

Today, Liu’s net worth is around $11 billion. He happens to be an Internet celebrity is his country of China. He is wealthy, young, and aggressive. These are the ingredients for success in a competitive world.

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Juan “OG” Perez Spends a Huge Sum of Money on Birthday

According to an article by The Bro Talk, Juan “OG” Perez and rapper Jay Z had a fun night out to dinner to celebrate Perez’s birthday. Jay Z reportedly shelled out around “$113,000” for the close friend. The two are also business partners. The dinner costed around $13,000 along with another 9G for drinks and 91G tab for the club to celebrate his 50th birthday. The two, along with Roc nation executives spent the night in Midtown dining at an excellent Japanese restaurant. Lobster, steak, and sushi were served which accumulated to the price of 13 grand.

After that, the group went to a restaurant and nightclub attraction located in Inwood. The 9 grand bill for drinks was spent there with Jay Z ordering a special Cognac. The night ended with a 91 grand bill at the Playroom Nightclub as they ordered many bottles of champagne. The group reportedly split after having drinks but the Roc Nation executives continued to party well into the morning with champagne and rose. The celebration then went onto Snapchat with the huge bill at a whopping 74,000 dollars, along with the tax and a tip making the total 91 grand.

There is still some confusion as to why the group ordered so many bottles of champagne between 6 people only. Other bottles could have been handed out to others and that could be why they ordered that many. The irony in all this is the fact of Jay Z and the group enjoying champagne that the rapper owns himself to make him money and the viral videos on the party has created free promotion of Jay Z’s products to make him even more money in the long run. Jay Z and Juan “OG” Perez have a unique bond and lived the night out in style.

David McDonald: A True Corporate Leader

As the President and Chief Operating Officer of OSI Group, David McDonald has overseen the growth of one of the world’s most successful companies. Under his leadership, the company has experienced tremendous growth. With 20,000 employees spread out over 65 facilities in 17 countries, the company has been able to embrace various advances in the food processing industry to stay ahead of its competitors. Focused on worldwide expansion, David McDonald has chosen to lead OSI Group into new markets that were previously untapped by many similar companies. For example, with China once again becoming a member of the World Trade Organization, David saw an opportunity that could lead to OSI Group becoming the top food processing company in the world.

Thus, he developed a new marketing strategy for the company that emphasized high-level production, utilizing the latest industry technology, and forming partnerships with many of the world’s leading restaurants, such as Burger King, Subway, and Starbucks. As the business world has changed in recent years, David McDonald has used not only these previous strategies to help OSI Group find success, but also new aspects of these strategies as well. To keep ahead of competitors and always be an innovative company, David has steered the company onto a path of consolidation, diversification, and expansion, all of which have led to the company becoming much stronger financially.

Because of this, it has been able to form more and more new partnerships across the world. Due to this shift in strategy, David McDonald has been able to have OSI Group partner with many leading supermarket chains across Europe, which has allowed the company to gain not only increased revenue, but also additional exposure in new markets across the continent. With all this, OSI Group is now positioned for even more growth and expansion in the years ahead. From working on deals with new restaurants, supermarkets, and other businesses in the United States and abroad to implementing new and innovative technology, it’s clear David McDonald and OSI Group will continue to stay at the top of the food processing industry in the coming years.

MindStrong Heath Raisese $14 Million in Funds In Part From Jim Tananbaum’s Foresite Capital

Smartphones represent a piece of tech that has become common to carry. How can this habit of carrying a phone be leveraged by healthcare providers? One start-up, Mindstrong Health, has come up with a way to use the way a person swipes and types with their phone as data that can show information about the user’s cognitive and emotional health. Because mental health is such a large issue across the globe, this new technology could really change the way patients and health care providers face the challenges related to diagnosing, treating, and monitoring mental health disorders.

The potential is huge, and ventor capitalist firm Foresite Capital did not miss out on the opportunity to contribute. According to, during the Series A round of raising funds, the Mindstrong venture ensured $14 million in funding, and these contributions were led by Foresite Capital funding. Foresite Capital’s CEO said on Bloomberg that he can clearly see the value and potential aid that the Mindstrong product could have for its users. In his own words, he said,”Mindstrong Health’s founding team brings unmatched understanding of the critical challenges surrounding the way in which the medical community cares for patients suffering from cognitive health disorders”.

Jim Tananbaum is known for combining growth investing with healthcare investing, and has placed many well rewarded investments into healthcare ventures in the past. His work has included a backing of Juno Therapeutics, which became a well-used diabetes treatment option.

Jim Tananbaum has a background in business and investing that led him to his role as CEO of Foresite Alliance. He went to graduate school at Harvard, and obtained a masters in business. Always eager to contribute to research and projects that excite he and his team, Tananbaum has contributed to many of the advances in healthcare over the last ten years.

Tananbaum’s investments cover a wide range of the healthcare industry, and include investments related to autoimmune health and food allergies, diabetes care and treatment, and mental health. In addition to his masters in business from Harvard, he also holds an MD from Harvard Medical School. He is interested in genetic epidemiology research as well as other research areas. For more info, visit his Linked In profile.