Launching Other Entrepreneurs’ Success is a Good Day for Mike Baur

The Swiss Startup Factory, or SSUF, is an innovative Swiss banking company that is changing the way new entrepreneurs develop their businesses. Mike Baur has played a key role in the founding of the SSUF. When it comes to finances and fundraising, the ball is in his court.

Before becoming a co-founder of SSUF, Mike Baur spent twenty years in banking. He worked for UBS and Clariden Leu as a banker and investor before leaving that world to immerse himself in the start-ups industry. In 2014, he joined his other co-founders Max Meister and Oliver Walzer in creating the Swiss Startup Factory.

The SSUF takes a different approach in helping entrepreneurs form their start-up company. Like the factory they are named after, they believe in building a business from its component parts. Entrepreneurs who are interested in working with the SSUF model have a three-month program that they join where they receive everything their new business will need to hit the ground running.

SSUF provides financing, mentorship and coaching, office space, and other services, plus a broad network of other entrepreneurs and investors. They call it the Swiss Startup Factory Accelerator Program, and it is located right in the heart of Zurich. The Accelerator Program works to take promising entrepreneurs and their business ideas to the next level from day one, with a global network of investors and opportunities.

Currently, the Swiss Startup Factory is the leading start-up accelerator firm in Switzerland. Many times, the people coming the program have great vision and plans for their company, but do not understand the logistics and financials involved in running a strong business model. As the man in charge of the financial elements of the SSUF, Mike Baur teaches the new business people about the money aspects and connects them with the necessary funding to create their ideas.

During his time with the Swiss Startup Factory, Baur has partnered with companies that have gone through the Accelerator program. He was named VP of CTI Invest when the two companies partnered up in January 2016 to further fund the financial aspects of the factory model. He also was involved in the separate partnerships between SSUF, Fintech Fusion, and the Goldback Group in early 2016.

Velohub and Struckd were two of the first graduates of the SSUF Accelerator Program. Struckd makes Apple iPhone products and Velohub designs bicycle components meant to improve rider safety.