How OSI Group Expertly Prepares McDonald’s Hamburgers

OSI Group started operating in Günzburg village in Germany while McDonald’s launched in Europe. As the OSI business expanded, McDonald’s contacted it to supply hamburgers supplies. Today OSI Group operates from the United States where most of its bigger factories are located. Eunice Koekkoek, who represents McDonald’s points out that even though 90 percent of OSI production goes to McDonald’s, the two companies only operate under an agreement. She continues to say that McDonald’s does not officially own the factories. The Company observes a high degree of hygiene in the process of making the hamburgers. Every person must wear protective clothing and wash their hands thoroughly before entering the premises. No worker with any stomach infection can work until the doctor finds out the cause of the infection to avoid meat contamination. These safety precautions are mandatory because the meat has no preservatives. Plastic pens and jewelry are disallowed in the factory to prevent contamination.

OSI Group uses large pieces of meat only from slaughterhouse since chances of contamination in large meats are minimal because of the small surface area. Checking and filling of meat in 500 kilograms containers take place. It takes approximately 500 such containers to produce enough burgers daily. The next step involves mincing where one blender minces eight 500 kilograms containers at a go — the minced spaghetti shaped meat moves in another tank ready for the next step that involves shaping the pieces into burger patties. Mixing of frozen and fresh meat pieces takes place where they hold their shapes easily. Koekkoek notes that the machines are capable of producing vegetarian burgers. The machines have a temperature of below 12 degrees Celsius. Each OSI Group factory produces 5 million hamburgers daily making it around 30 million weekly with a workforce of 200 workers, 45 to 60 per shift.

The final steps involve testing and packing the McDonald’s hamburgers, and the fat content must be 20%. Grilling and tasting to check the shape, texture, and taste takes place in the factory’s kitchen at 69 degrees Celsius. After 40 quality checks that include metal detection check, packing burgers in blue boxes takes place. The boxes contain the source of the meat, production point of the burgers, and destination in case of any complains. Wrapping in plastic and labeling of boxes takes place ready for distribution.

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Alex Hern and Choices

Alex Hern is a Chief Executive Officer who has a resume that’s in no way short of amazing. Tsunami XR’s hard-working co-founder is someone who is no stranger to diligence. He isn’t afraid to think for extended stretches of time. He devotes anywhere between four and five hours on a daily basis to in-depth scrutiny. He’s perpetually pondering how he’ll assist his business with the process of advancement. Alex Hern frowns upon the idea of trying to take on several things concurrently.

Alex Hern can’t get enough of the serenity of the nighttime. He has zero frets during that time. He doesn’t have to agonize over the possibility of anyone destroying his work sessions. People tend to be relatively inactive at night. They’re not ready to pounce on others and inhibit all of the things they’re trying to do.

Waking up late just isn’t something that Alex Hern ever does. He aims to utilize his time in a way that makes full sense to him. He appreciates the idea of being able to commence his work sessions bright and early. He recommends that people shut off their mobile devices for lengthy spans of time. He recommends that they steer clear of social media platforms as well. He prefers the idea of thinking about all of the things that are actually right in front of him.

Hern wants all people to educate themselves anytime mishaps occur. He thinks that people should never feel badly about things going awry. He advises people against fearing errors. That’s because he firmly thinks that errors are essential for people who want to enhance their minds. Hern never makes any choices rashly. Impulsive choices just aren’t a part of his working approach. He suggests that people prioritize tomorrow and all that it may deliver to them.

Ryan Seacrest: Talk Show Host, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

When someone thinks of Ryan Seacrest, the first thing that comes to mind is the smiling host of the very popular and long-running American Idol musical talent show that is now on the ABC network. He always makes the contestants feel better about themselves. However, this longtime American Idol host has many irons in the fire being an entrepreneur and philanthropist.

While Ryan Seacrest is not hosting American Idol, he is busy hosting his own nationally syndicated radio show On Air with Ryan Seacrest. This number one radio show can be heard on IHeartMedia under 102.7 Kiss FM.

It needs to be mentioned that Seacrest is an executive producer and host of Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin Eve with Ryan Seacrest and Live with Kelly and Ryan.

What does Keeping UP with the Kardashians, Live from the Red Carpet Awards, Shahs of Sunset, I Live Kellie Pickler, YouTube’s Best Cover Ever, Shades of Blue, Insatiable and Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution all have in common? All these shows listed are produced by Ryan Seacrest’s entertainment production company RSP.

Ryan Seacrest’s philanthropic side can be seen through his role as chairman over the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. The foundation has opened 10 media centers in pediatric hospitals in several cities called Seacrest Studies which has been very positive. Seacrest is also an honorary chair for the Grammy Foundation and he is on the board of the County Museum of Art in Los Angeles.

Ryan Seacrest is involved in businesses catered to men. Seacrest has partnered with Dr. Harold Lancer, a world-famous dermatologist with a line of skincare products for men. He also has a line of men clothing sold exclusively at Macy’s.

On top of all of Ryan Seacrest’s accomplishments through being a producer and host of several shows including American Idol, a philanthropist and having other businesses, he has endorsements with Coca-Cola and Ford.

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Leadership Skills with James River Capital

A company always has to start somewhere, and for James River Capital that was under the control of its parent company Kidder. It was founded in 1986 with the mission of simply being alternative firm within the greater company. Paul Saunders and Kevin Brandt both rose through the ranks and found themselves in the top of command. It was at this time in 1995 when they bought full control over the company. James River Capital quickly become an accredited company through the CFTC, and now holds millions of dollars in assets for its clients. Learn more:


In order to inspire the next generation of leaders, James River Capital recently posted a blog post giving a list of advice. The good leaders are ones who not only command respect respect from the employees, but is also an individual who is a valuable member of the team. Research has shown leadership skills are two fold. There are some key components an individual should have, but at the same time, personal unique skills are vital to a good leader. The first place a perspective should start is by building a connection with the team. Don’t the be kind of boss who merely instructs employees, but rather one who activity engages with members and helps cultivate the finished product.


The next step for an effective leader is encouraging members to freely speak their mind. Research has shown numerous times that one of the top issues within a workplace is lack of communication. Employees often don’t speak their mind out of fear of repercussions of their job security. However, allowing each member a chance to speak and respect their voice, can go a long way in building a cohesive unit for your team. James River Capital goes on to describe how keeping a list of who speaks and how often is an effective means to ensuring the quiet members get approached for a chance. A leader needs to have each member feel welcomed in everyone’s presence.


James River Capital is an industry example of how strong leadership brings together a cohesive unit within a company. They would not have been to exist without the deep love each team brings to the table. A leader needs to be prepared for both good and bad times, but never forget to always keep their head high. The employees always need someone to rally around.


GreenSky Credit goes where the money is

If you were told that an entire industry had set about to achieve high levels of prosperity and growth by seeking out deals where the participants had no assets, jobs or income, you may think that you were either talking to some sort of crazy payday lender or someone who was just plain crazy, period.

Yet, that is exactly the strategy that many of the top companies in the fintech sector were attempting to follow throughout the late 2000s and early 2010s. Companies like OnDeck and Lending Club were apparently so high on their own supply of Marxist utopian drivel that they actually started believing that products like NINJA loans, micro lending and so-called community reinvestment would be sources of great financial prosperity. Their resulting thousand-foot cliff dive onto the rocks has been, therefore, somewhat unsurprising to more sober-minded observers.

GreenSky shows acumen and common sense

But there was one company that never bought into this left-coast propaganda. GreenSky Credit decided early on that it would follow proven money-making techniques. Taking the advice of John Dillinger to heart, GreenSky Credit went where the money was, not where it had never existed.

GreenSky Credit found transactions where everyone would win and where everyone was trustworthy, upstanding and solvent. The first niche market that the company concentrated on was the high-end home improvement sector. GreenSky didn’t even want to look at the lower end of this market. By concentrating on the top of the home improvement business, GreenSky had two very useful characteristics naturally built into every deal that it did.

The first was that almost all of the people looking to spend five or six figures to do home renovations are prime borrowers, meaning that they have FICO scores above 760. This, by itself, made it very easy for the firm to pitch its business to its major lending partners.

The second advantage is that, by focusing only on those doing high-end home renovations, the company’s borrowers were all but guaranteed to be seeing increases in their home values that exceeded the cost of the renovations. Unlike in low-end neighborhoods, where over-improving a property often ends up costing more than it adds, high-end home prices almost always benefit from significant improvements.

Randal Nardone An Entrepreneur With An Eye For Investments

Randal Nardone an Entrepreneur With An Eye For Investments

Randal Nardone has always had an eye for business, but when he ventured into starting a company, he knew it would not be such an easy thing because of cutthroat competition that exists in the financial realm. Randal Nardone did not start out green in the industry as he was already well adverse with workings in financial sector and had been engaging with many clients in the past. Having a vision of bringing improvements that could lead his company into the top best performing private equity firms drove him to start Fortress Investment Group. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of firm whereby he has contributed his vast knowledge into the development of the institution.

Randal did not start in the financial sector but studied law and earned a graduate certification, as well as a masters in the same field, from the University of Connecticut as well as Boston University School of law respectively. With time he worked for companies that gave him an insight into the financial world and a curiosity was formed whereby he worked to interlink  legal sector with the commercial field. As time went by he cultivated an interest in the business which ultimately led him to switch tracks and embark in a new career in finance.

Randal Nardone then went on to hold prestigious positions at Alea Group Holdings, Eurocastle Investment Limited as well as Springleaf Finance Corporation. Such an aggressive turnaround has led Randal to have an impressive career as he believes in putting in the very best in skill and commitment to ensure that all he attempts come into fruition. The expert  successful businessman that he built at Fortress attracted the attention of SoftBank Group which saw it put a deal in acquiring the firm. December last year saw the company being acquired fully by the bank and yet again proving that Randal Nardone had once again successfully led the company to a lucrative deal for him and the other principals. He joined Forbes billionaire list in 2007 and currently ranks at five hundred, and fifty-seven we expect more to come from this seasoned entrepreneur.

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This why Fortress Investment Group stands to reap big in the digital industry after a deal with iPass

The internet age in the 21st Century changed the game for most businesses and companies. Today, any company that is worth its salt is bound to keep innovating and investing in technology because it is the future of doing business. Fortress Investment Group is the latest multinational company to do so, having put pen to paper on a financing deal with iPass. iPass is one of the top global providers of connectivity network, accounting for more than 64 million wi-fi hot-spots around the world.

This effectively makes iPass the leading provider of the most extensive Wi-Fi network. It gets better because their system supports all devices running SaaS( Software-as-a-Service), which means that users can sign in anywhere, anytime using any device. This technology has been tipped to be the future of doing business and networking . With Fortress now invested in iPass, it gives them an added advantage, given the future profitability of iPass.

According to Maravedis Rethink, more than 300 million Wi-Fi hot-spots will be available by the end of 2018 across all parts of the globe. iPass has strategically positioned itself in a position to take full advantage of the surging industry by coming up with unique products such as SmartConnect and Veri-Fi. As iPass CEO Gary Griffiths notes, the financial resources provided by Fortress will be a big boost to their projected growth. Fortress Investment Group financed iPass to a tune of $20 million, with $10 million being immediately accessible to iPass.

The move by Fortress Investment Group is a welcome gesture to the stakeholders of the company who now stand to make a killing in the future when iPass gathers momentum. With the digital revolution taking shape, companies with no digital plans will find it had to survive in the industry. Fortress is on the safe side and has made one step further by investing in the technology of the future.

More about Fortress

Fortress Investment Group, a wealth management firm was founded back in 1988 by Wesley Edens, Rob Kauffman and Randal Nardone. Since then, the company has grown to be one of the most trusted investment partner by hundreds of companies and individuals all over the world. In 2007, the company made history by being the first private-equity investment firm to go public and list in the New York Stock Exchange. To know more about the company click here.

Why Is It Important to Invest in Freedom Checks?

Recently, a video made by Matt Badiali instantly went viral. The video talks about freedom checks, but only a few people understood its message. It turns out, Matt Badiali is sharing a new strategy for the public on how they can gain additional income. He explained that these checks could be purchased for as low as $50 to $100 from master limited partnerships – or companies which have agreed to be under the Statute 26-F right after it was implemented – and they are required to provide these checks to the people who wanted to invest in it. Freedom checks are like an investment at the stock market, wherein if an oil or petroleum company that they chose to invest in profits a lot, they will be given a percentage of their income and the amount will be sent through check. The larger the investment, the larger the percentage will be. All Your ‘Freedom Checks’ Questions Answered. It is similar to how a dividend works, but those who have purchased these checks have a chance of getting thousands of dollar per month on their mailbox if they would start investing smartly.

Matt Badiali stated that purchasing freedom checks is not a scam, because it is backed by a law that was passed during the administration of President Richard Nixon. The law, which is more popularly known as the Statute 26-F, was passed by the United States Congress during the times when oil and petroleum companies are thinking of leaving the United States for a better chance of profit in other countries. President Richard Nixon never liked the idea, and he mobilized the United States Congress to create a law that would persuade the operators to stay in the country.

The lawmakers drafted the Statute 26-F, promising oil and petroleum companies of tax-free operations, only if they will be staying in the United States and if they will be providing freedom checks. The companies agreed to the deal, and those who remained where referred to as MLPs, or master limited partnerships. In the present, they are the ones who provide the freedom checks, and according to Matt Badiali, only a few people knew about this, and he wanted to give everyone a chance.

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Juan “OG” Perez Spends a Huge Sum of Money on Birthday

According to an article by The Bro Talk, Juan “OG” Perez and rapper Jay Z had a fun night out to dinner to celebrate Perez’s birthday. Jay Z reportedly shelled out around “$113,000” for the close friend. The two are also business partners. The dinner costed around $13,000 along with another 9G for drinks and 91G tab for the club to celebrate his 50th birthday. The two, along with Roc nation executives spent the night in Midtown dining at an excellent Japanese restaurant. Lobster, steak, and sushi were served which accumulated to the price of 13 grand.

After that, the group went to a restaurant and nightclub attraction located in Inwood. The 9 grand bill for drinks was spent there with Jay Z ordering a special Cognac. The night ended with a 91 grand bill at the Playroom Nightclub as they ordered many bottles of champagne. The group reportedly split after having drinks but the Roc Nation executives continued to party well into the morning with champagne and rose. The celebration then went onto Snapchat with the huge bill at a whopping 74,000 dollars, along with the tax and a tip making the total 91 grand.

There is still some confusion as to why the group ordered so many bottles of champagne between 6 people only. Other bottles could have been handed out to others and that could be why they ordered that many. The irony in all this is the fact of Jay Z and the group enjoying champagne that the rapper owns himself to make him money and the viral videos on the party has created free promotion of Jay Z’s products to make him even more money in the long run. Jay Z and Juan “OG” Perez have a unique bond and lived the night out in style.

Tim Duncan:Houston’s Local Oil Wildcatter

Tim Duncan, Founder, and CEO of Talos Energy, has been referred to as a Deepwater Wildcatter. During one of the most critical moments in Houston’s History, Tim Duncan found himself having to evacuate his family to safety. The flood waters from Hurricane Harvey caught everyone off guard. Tim, arranged for a private flight to Alabama, where his family would be safe. Tim then returned to Houston to continue working and made arrangements to stay with his parents.

Duncan was in the middle of negotiations with Stone Energy, and could not put 4 months of hard work and $2.5 billion dollar merger on hold. When the Hurricane hit he was securing financing with bondholders Franklin Templeton Investments and Mackay Shields about restructuring over $800 million of combined debt. The merger will position Talos Energy to go public and the company will benefit from the offshore equipment and leases. When the merger is complete Talos will have acquired $2.3 billion in assets and $700 million in debt also positioning it to go public.

As wildcat bets go, drillers prefer the Permian Basin; where profits are assured for a short time, usually 2-3 years. Tim Ducan’s strategy is to take old wells and drill a little deeper; where the risk is greater and profits last decades. Talos energy will be able to produce 48,000 barrels per day after the merger. It plans on doing a lot more than that.

The Gulf Coast is one of the largest oil produces in the nation, more waters have been opened to leases. The political changes in Mexico and deregulation, have made exploration available to foreign companies. Talos struck gold in Mexico, the Zuma Field is one of the mega oil strikes in decades. “Grabbing that opportunity was 100% Tim Duncan,” says, John Bookout, who assesses energy plays at Apollo Management.