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One of the trends in the traditional bookstore business today is the declining of the sales revenue and the number of customers due to high competition in the sector. In China, the leading e-commerce platform, is helping the bookstores to increase their sales volumes. The retailer has business interests in online book ventures. was founded by Richard Liu Jingdong to provide a wide range of consumer products more conveniently. Some of the services that offers to bookstores owners is procurement and logistics. The supply chains have been one of the main challenges in traditional bookstores, but is changing that situation. One of the benefits of using the services of the online retailer is that it is cost effective and avoids delays that are common in the traditional setup.

According to the testimonials from one of the beneficiaries of the online platform, Tangning, the sales volumes increased with a 30% margin while the profits rose by 17% by at the end of last year. The turnover at the business has also reduced from more than one year to 220 days since the signing of the partnership with The online platform by Jingdong’s enterprise has provided a platform for the bookstore owners to access useful data analysis tools. The tools have helped in the acquisition of books that meet the customer requirements and hence attracting more customers. According to the management of Tangning, the services by have helped the firm to gain a competitive advantage over the other traditional bookstores.

Over the years, has continued to grow and is currently ranked as the largest online retailer in China. It is also the most profitable among the other internet firms in the country. It is the pacesetter in the online shopping sector in China. Quality is an important value in the running of the organization and that has led to a good reputation. The number of customers at the online retailer has increased with time as it has always guaranteed the authenticity of its products which includes fresh foods and cosmetics. delivers ordered products to the customers in the most convenient manner and time.

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Ryan Seacrest: Talk Show Host, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

When someone thinks of Ryan Seacrest, the first thing that comes to mind is the smiling host of the very popular and long-running American Idol musical talent show that is now on the ABC network. He always makes the contestants feel better about themselves. However, this longtime American Idol host has many irons in the fire being an entrepreneur and philanthropist.

While Ryan Seacrest is not hosting American Idol, he is busy hosting his own nationally syndicated radio show On Air with Ryan Seacrest. This number one radio show can be heard on IHeartMedia under 102.7 Kiss FM.

It needs to be mentioned that Seacrest is an executive producer and host of Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin Eve with Ryan Seacrest and Live with Kelly and Ryan.

What does Keeping UP with the Kardashians, Live from the Red Carpet Awards, Shahs of Sunset, I Live Kellie Pickler, YouTube’s Best Cover Ever, Shades of Blue, Insatiable and Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution all have in common? All these shows listed are produced by Ryan Seacrest’s entertainment production company RSP.

Ryan Seacrest’s philanthropic side can be seen through his role as chairman over the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. The foundation has opened 10 media centers in pediatric hospitals in several cities called Seacrest Studies which has been very positive. Seacrest is also an honorary chair for the Grammy Foundation and he is on the board of the County Museum of Art in Los Angeles.

Ryan Seacrest is involved in businesses catered to men. Seacrest has partnered with Dr. Harold Lancer, a world-famous dermatologist with a line of skincare products for men. He also has a line of men clothing sold exclusively at Macy’s.

On top of all of Ryan Seacrest’s accomplishments through being a producer and host of several shows including American Idol, a philanthropist and having other businesses, he has endorsements with Coca-Cola and Ford.

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OSI Industries Is Proud To Serve McDonald’s

OSI Industries is an American company that was founded more than a century ago. Otto Kolschowsky, a European immigrant, was only in the United States for a few years when he opened a neighborhood butcher shop at the turn of the 20th century. The company has operated in Illinois since its inception in 1909. Their headquarters are located in Aurora, IL. The organization is now multinational, and they have facilities in 17 countries.

The company continues to operate under the highest standards that were originally set by Otto. Mr. Sheldon Lavin has been with OSI Industries since 1975, and he currently serves as its Chief Executive Officer. The company has a strong commitment to sustainable food production in all of its 65 facilities. Over the years, the company had faced the economic challenges of the Depression and two world wars, and it came through it as a strong and thriving organization. New cutting-edge technology has changed the way food is now produced and distributed to its customers. OSI Industries grew to become a leading manufacturer and distributor in food industry, and they take that responsibility very seriously.

The newest in food production techniques are constantly being developed and adapted by OSI Industries. OSI and the food industry as a whole face many global challenges. Today, more than ever before, innovative methods of sustainable and eco-friendly production are a necessity as well as a corporate social responsibility. The company has adapted the latest technologies for food production in their award-winning facilities. They employ 20,000 people worldwide to ensure the highest quality and freshness of every item that leaves the OSI plants.

The company has supplied the McDonald’s restaurants since the 1950s. When Ray Kroc opened the first of his hamburger restaurants, it was in Illinois. Otto’s sons were running the family business, and the largest meat company became the beef supplier to McDonald’s. Arthur and Harry Kolschowsky were awarded the new account in the mid-1950s, and McDonald’s remains a customer of OSI Industries over 60 years later.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong – Chinese Internet Celebrity

Richard Liu the CEO of Some think that may be the future of Chinese e-commerce. Today, it is impossible not to see that China is tech-driven and an economy based on consumption. Alibaba dominates in the apparel category, but JD has moved into China’s $5 trillion dollar market to sell in categories that include home appliances and electronics. JD also deals with logistics in-house, and this is something that Alibaba has been unwilling to do so far. JD also takes on the risk of carrying inventories.

This means his company may be able to achieve procurement scale over time. This may allow him to set the tone for selling quality products in a country that is known for selling fake goods. Also, in-house logistics can deliver products and services faster than status-quo companies.

Richard Liu Qiangdong graduated from Renmin University of China with a sociology degree. However, he spent a great deal of time learning to program at the highest levels. He also offered up his skills through freelance coding. After graduation, Liu earned an EMBA degree from China’s Europe International Business school. He then started his career working with a Japanese health product company. He held several roles that included director for business and director for computers.

Like many successful entrepreneurs, Liu chose to strike out on his own. He started with a small shop in Beijing and sold magneto-optical products. It only took several years for him to expand his store to 12. In 2004, he closed all his brick and mortal stores to focus on the emerging e-commerce industry. This is where he chose to sell electronics and consumer goods.

Today, Liu’s net worth is around $11 billion. He happens to be an Internet celebrity is his country of China. He is wealthy, young, and aggressive. These are the ingredients for success in a competitive world.

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GreenSky Credit goes where the money is

If you were told that an entire industry had set about to achieve high levels of prosperity and growth by seeking out deals where the participants had no assets, jobs or income, you may think that you were either talking to some sort of crazy payday lender or someone who was just plain crazy, period.

Yet, that is exactly the strategy that many of the top companies in the fintech sector were attempting to follow throughout the late 2000s and early 2010s. Companies like OnDeck and Lending Club were apparently so high on their own supply of Marxist utopian drivel that they actually started believing that products like NINJA loans, micro lending and so-called community reinvestment would be sources of great financial prosperity. Their resulting thousand-foot cliff dive onto the rocks has been, therefore, somewhat unsurprising to more sober-minded observers.

GreenSky shows acumen and common sense

But there was one company that never bought into this left-coast propaganda. GreenSky Credit decided early on that it would follow proven money-making techniques. Taking the advice of John Dillinger to heart, GreenSky Credit went where the money was, not where it had never existed.

GreenSky Credit found transactions where everyone would win and where everyone was trustworthy, upstanding and solvent. The first niche market that the company concentrated on was the high-end home improvement sector. GreenSky didn’t even want to look at the lower end of this market. By concentrating on the top of the home improvement business, GreenSky had two very useful characteristics naturally built into every deal that it did.

The first was that almost all of the people looking to spend five or six figures to do home renovations are prime borrowers, meaning that they have FICO scores above 760. This, by itself, made it very easy for the firm to pitch its business to its major lending partners.

The second advantage is that, by focusing only on those doing high-end home renovations, the company’s borrowers were all but guaranteed to be seeing increases in their home values that exceeded the cost of the renovations. Unlike in low-end neighborhoods, where over-improving a property often ends up costing more than it adds, high-end home prices almost always benefit from significant improvements.

Randal Nardone An Entrepreneur With An Eye For Investments

Randal Nardone an Entrepreneur With An Eye For Investments

Randal Nardone has always had an eye for business, but when he ventured into starting a company, he knew it would not be such an easy thing because of cutthroat competition that exists in the financial realm. Randal Nardone did not start out green in the industry as he was already well adverse with workings in financial sector and had been engaging with many clients in the past. Having a vision of bringing improvements that could lead his company into the top best performing private equity firms drove him to start Fortress Investment Group. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of firm whereby he has contributed his vast knowledge into the development of the institution.

Randal did not start in the financial sector but studied law and earned a graduate certification, as well as a masters in the same field, from the University of Connecticut as well as Boston University School of law respectively. With time he worked for companies that gave him an insight into the financial world and a curiosity was formed whereby he worked to interlink  legal sector with the commercial field. As time went by he cultivated an interest in the business which ultimately led him to switch tracks and embark in a new career in finance.

Randal Nardone then went on to hold prestigious positions at Alea Group Holdings, Eurocastle Investment Limited as well as Springleaf Finance Corporation. Such an aggressive turnaround has led Randal to have an impressive career as he believes in putting in the very best in skill and commitment to ensure that all he attempts come into fruition. The expert  successful businessman that he built at Fortress attracted the attention of SoftBank Group which saw it put a deal in acquiring the firm. December last year saw the company being acquired fully by the bank and yet again proving that Randal Nardone had once again successfully led the company to a lucrative deal for him and the other principals. He joined Forbes billionaire list in 2007 and currently ranks at five hundred, and fifty-seven we expect more to come from this seasoned entrepreneur.

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Talos Energy Encourages Greater Employee Participation

WorkplaceDynamics, an well-known employee survey company, has named Talos Energy the best local small business workplace. While the company is typical compensation do not rank near the top, it has built that reputation by allowing its employees to have a greater stake in company.

Talos Energy was created by Tim Duncan along with a team of partners. The environment of the financial crisis of a decade ago forced him and his partners, who were then running private equity backed oil and gas company, to change their focus. By focusing on the most lucrative spots they were able to double in size and sell their company to Apache Corp. in 2011.

Tim Duncan, his partners in tow, then went on to start Talos Energy with the equity earned from their earlier backers, as well as their assets in the Gulf of Mexico that have been producing 16,000 barrels of oil per day. They went on to grow the company up to a total of 120 employees.

It’s the presence of an entrepreneurial spirit within the company that Tim Duncan believes attracts the best candidates for employment. It also encourages a free flow of ideas, which pushes innovation. He credits this tendency to the way he was treated by his bosses in his early years of his professional life. They wanted to hear what he had to say, and that made him work that much harder.

The smaller size of the Talos Energy has a lot of influence, as well. Michael Harding, chief accounting officer and controller, believes being a private equity pushes Talos Energy toward a more entrepreneurial atmosphere. This leads to more innovative thinking than is possible with typical larger firms. Having a smaller employee pool also means that the work each individual does has larger reverberations throughout the rest of the company.

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Paul Mampilly Retires To Give Investment Advice Through Banyan Hill

Paul Mampilly has accomplished a lot in his career, especially considering his rather humble beginnings in a small Indian village. At 42, his career in investing has lasted over the last decade and a half. During this time, he has held a wide variety of positions that have given him important insight into the world of Wall Street.

Paul Mampilly is a firm believer that investing doesn’t have to be limited to the elite anymore and encourages other to invest using his newsletter from Banyan Hill Publishing aimed at ‘Main Street Americans’. He and his advice have been featured on news outlets like Bloomberg TV, Fox Business News, and CNBC. With his new publication, he can spread his messages about investing to those who are interested across the United States.

His newsletter Profits Unlimited is subscribed to by more than 90,000 people. Before joining Banyan Hill Publishing Paul Mampilly was getting tired of helping corporations become richer while everyday people struggled to make ends meet. This is one of the factors that led him to retire from the world of Wall Street in order to get into the publishing industry. His newsletter consists of 8 pages that include a “model portfolio” or stocks that Paul Mampilly personally recommends to his readers based on his extensive research.

After earning his bachelors degree in business administration Paul Mampilly earned his first position of many in the financial industry at Bankers Trust Company. Starting as an assistant portfolio manager he quickly became a full portfolio manager before earning the position of research assistant after the company was acquired by Deutsche Bank. His experience at Bankert Trust allowed him to gain a lot of necessary experience that taught him the vital importance of research when it came to investing.

As his experience grew, he was able to move up the ranks even more and eventually was managing accounts with millions of dollars in capital in their portfolios under ING. After leaving ING he joined Kinetics Asset Management as a hedge fund manager. In this position, his portfolio eventually grew to contain over $35 billion in assets that he personally managed.

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Adam Milstein Hopes the Tragedies of the Past Do Not Repeat Themselves

It is important that humanity learns from their mistakes of the past according to Adam Milstein. Recently Adam Milstein along with dozens of scholars and philanthropists from all around the United States visited 6 key countries that were important in the events of World War II and the Holocaust. This trip gave the group of 100 an interesting insight into the cruelty that the victims of World War II and the Nazi party experiences during this tragic part of history. It also showed them that it’s possible that these events or ones similar to them could happen in the present day if actions are not taken in order to prevent them.


In recent years, there has been a dramatic rise in systemic racism, division, and discrimination in the United States and different countries around the world. While many people look at the past and think “Never Again”, they aren’t stopping to think about the fact that the events that led up to the Holocaust did not happen quickly. In fact, it took years of racism and apathy from other countries to become the horrifying tragedy that we know of today.


Unfortunately, many officials in the E.U. refuse to acknowledge any responsibility for their actions or inactions that led to the Holocaust, according to Adam Milstein. This refusal has a lot of similarities today as those who are witnessing hatred towards certain groups on both the Left and the Right refuse to acknowledge that their apathy could eventually lead to another tragedy on a similar or even greater scale. It’s important that the people of the world must recognize the events that are going on currently that have many similarities to the past must be spoken out against and actions must be taken.


Currently a managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties, Adam Milstein began his career as a sales agent in commercial real estate. After moving from Israel in 1981, he and his family began their life in the United States. In 1983, Adam Milstein graduated from UCLA with an MBA and has been working hard to achieve his goals for himself and his family ever since.

Talk Fusion Bringing Itself To India

Talk Fusion has grown over the years to becoming one of the most successful direct selling video marketing companies. Today, Bob Reina, the creator continues to create a professional atmosphere by coming up with new ideas to expand the brand in an ever growing way.


The founder explained in an interview recently that the company has expanded throughout India, and they decided to open an office in the country. The people in the new office were eager to join in the platform and bring more of the company to India making it a global business opportunity. Guru Lal Singh is now the new manager of the Indian office, and he knows that the interest of the locals has grown. He understands the power of video and how the locals can utilize it effectively. Reina hopes to visit India very soon and hopes to collaborate with as many people in the New office to help move the brand forward in new ways.


Talk Fusion is most popular for their video email products. They offer things like optimizing video newsletters, video chat, and other video options that most email providers don’t offer. The rewarding compensation structure is incredibly powerful with access to instant pay that allows for the money to be given to the seller within minutes instead of weeks like most direct selling companies online.


Talk Fusion is incredible to be a part of because of the opportunities available to those who want to get into direct selling. Their marketing platform is amazingly rewarding with great pay and stunning video options that can open the door for you to make good money. Talk Fusion continues to utilize effective strategies to further move the brand globally like taking the company to India. Doing this allows for the brand to elevate the company and bring it to more people. Talk Fusion is highly respected for numerous reasons, and there is a never ending supply of people to market to. With their new office in India, there is no doubt that Reina can see the potential for the future in other surrounding countries in Southeast Asia. Learn more: