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How Vik Bansal Has Impacted the Growth of Infrabuild

The financial results for the first half-year of 2022 show great improvement across all financial areas at Infrabuild. According... Read More
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Philip Belamant Focuses on BNPL Innovation With Zilch

With Philip Belamant as the company’s CEO and Founder, Zilch has emerged as a market leader among the many... Read More
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 Activision Blizzard Sanctions Russia

Activision Blizzard, the company responsible for Overwatch, Diablo III, and other successful games, has come down hard on Russia.... Read More
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Philip Belamant Continues To Make Life Easier For Millions Of People

Philip Belamant is the chief executive officer and founder of Zilch. His company makes payments much easier to deal... Read More
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Bobby Kotick: Activision CEO and Gaming Industry Legend

Bobby Kotick is one of the most successful CEOs in the gaming industry. He has been the head of... Read More
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 Reasons Why Microsoft Buying Activision Was an Excellent Move

All the reasons why Microsoft buying Activision Blizzard was an excellent move. From the merger of two gaming brands... Read More
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Bobby Kotick’s successful Invention

Bobby Kotick originated from Long Island in New York. He attended his primary and secondary education in the same... Read More
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 Understanding the QNET way of doing business

In all businesses in the world, competition has gone very high. Every business is trying to make ends meet... Read More
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Sparkasse Bank Malta-Corporate Banking

Sparkasse Bank Malta plc is a public limited liability company with its registered office in Sliema, Malta. It is... Read More
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Hauser Insurance: Insurance Policies are Better Suited to Covering Fiduciary Risks

In any investment strategy that an organization has been using, there is a higher chance that some risks will... Read More