The Story of Doe Deere

Doe Deere is an amazing russian woman who made make up for women. Deere grew up in New York. She studied fashion and started her own cosmetic line called Lime Crime. The base of her business is in Los Angeles California where all of her makeup consist of colorful and cruelty free cosmetics. Deere’s makeup line was established in 2008 starting herself off with various eye shadow, glitter and brushes. Her mission is to give women the feeling of being empowered, fearless and have high self esteem by wearing makeup. is her website that has products that range from $6-20 dollars and has different types of makeup to give you that “this is me” look. Deere also began her own clothing designs which sparked the idea of wanting to start her own makeup line because she would always get complements from the outfits she wore ultimately letting makeup put an emphasis on her attire. In 2004, she started selling her Lime Crime clothing designs through ebay making it her first store. When she launched the line in ’08 her makeup products were being sold for $12 dollars and she also provided makeup tutorials which ended up giving her notoriety. Deere studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology but later went on to asunder herself from the institute and start her business. Doe Deere is no ordinary makeup artist she has spent countless hours perfecting her craft, getting opinions from people and also taking the time to experiment her work to understand the essence of makeup and fashion itself. Deere tells us that when while she held online contest that help build her brand and provided exposure leading her to have 3 million followers on social media. Deere has been through a serious of challenges and debocoles throughout her career including a security breach in 2014 which resulted in her losing customers. Things started to change for Deere when she launched a liquid-to-matte lipstick in which she worked with professional chemist to obtain flawless results. Back when she started her online store on ebay she informs us that the name “limecrime” comes from The Internet being evil and deceiving. Deere’s goal is to always stay connected with her customers and always search for new ideas to better her brand and not just seem like a regular makeup artist that can provided color but give people something they can feel and bring their fantasies or desire to life.


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Doe Deere

Who is Doe Deere? Doe Deere is also known as the supreme rulers of the Unicorns. She has a love for cosmetics and for anything and everything that has to do with rainbows and unicorns. These elements are the basis for the make up brand known as Lime Crime. Doe Deere’s story is an inspirational one due to the factors of surprise in the unique discovery of self. Learn more:

Doe Deere’s birthplace was Russia. The United States became a home when Doe was seventeen. In her opinion, Russia and the United States, especially New York City, had a considerable impression upon her, her style and her aspirations. Currently residing in Los Angeles, Doe felt that all her life, she was swimming in an imaginative and ambitious state. As a young girl, she had larger than life dreams, with one of her initial goals being more musical. When Doe arrived in New York, she decided to pursue her musical dreams. She resided in New York from ’98 to 2012, so the influence of New York became one with her fierce warrior spirit. Learn more:

Doe felt that performing as a musician was a great platform in the field of marketing. She learned how to have respect and appreciation for others, especially when they came to support and uplift her while she was showcasing her talent. Her entrepreneur spirit led her to cosmetics, and having a business was nothing too new to her. At the tender age of thirteen, in Russia, Doe had a small venture where she sold removable tattoos. Since they were a novelty at the time, she had a great base of customers, while having a great time getting familiar with the business side of management. Doe felt that her creations led to marketing within the school and that the marketing led to the popularization of her product. She wore her tattoos as a walking advertisement and made the hip, crisp, and coveted.

While as a musician in a band in New York, Doe met her husband as they were musicians in the musical ensemble together. They learned how to become a team by working together through musical compositions and sets. Both of them wrote songs together and promoted the band, and these similarities helped their relationship flourish. Doe doubled and tripled her talents by having a background in fashion and design, as she attended FIT in New York, so naturally, along with music, marketing and fashion, the platform for creativity were stable for the future venture of the cosmetics realm.

Doe Deere has impressive, inspirational advice for young women who are full of ambitious and life. She wants these young women to know that they should follow their heart because they are unique, special and amazing…and have unique talents to offer. She mentions that tuning into your inner strengths and abilities is the best way to let your inner light shine. She hinted that even if you feel alone in the world, it’s just a sign that you’re very different, and if you value your uniqueness you will grow as a person as long as you grow into what you love.

Doe revealed that strange and cheery colors always remained attractive to her, but they were tough to find in the early 2000’s. At that time, the biggest trends in makeup were naturals and nudes. She saw a demand and created a supply, and that’s how Lime Crime was born. She was pleased to see how many young people and even older customers were craving her colors, designs, and products.

Makeup, to Doe, is more than just temporary colors on a pretty face. She mentioned that makeup gives young people life and hope. It creates a platform to establish your identity through unique colors and even modern trends. The most significant gift from makeup was the freedom to express oneself without being afraid and without the fear of being judged.