Orange Coast College Leading The Way As California’s Best College

Current and new students will be in for a surprise when they the new semester at Orange Coast College. The California based school is building a new planetarium thanks to a generous one million dollar donation from Mary McChesney, one of its beloved professors. The new planetarium, which is slated to be completed by 2018 will provide a learning experience not just for students, but for residents of the Costa Meca area.


The new planetarium is just one of the many facilities that make Orange Coast College one of the leading universities in small California town. Founded in 1947, the college sees an enrollment of thousands of students each year. With their state of the art facilities and various programs, it’s no surprise at the high number of students. When enrolling at Orange Coast College, students can choose to study in programs such as economics, physics, literature, accounting, and film and television.


Aside from their courses, Orange Coast College has numerous facilities to provide both learning and entertaining experience for students. Among the buildings you’ll find on Orange Coast College’s campus are the library, art center, theatre, and science halls; Orange Coast College also offers a variety of programs to help students with their studies. One of their popular programs is their sailing classes. Through their classes, students and residents can not only enjoy a boat ride around the California coast, but they can also learn the basic of sailing.


With the addition of the new planetarium, Orange Coast College continues making strides in providing educational experience for their students. As they work to make the student’s life better, enrollment at Orange Coast College will continue to rise.


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