Lip Balm- A New Product

How did one company manage to take over the world of lip balm and sell more products than a tried and true brand like chapstick? Well, there are many factors that led to EOS lip balm taking the world of lip balm by storm to become the second best-selling lip balm in the country in only a few short years.

First, EOS ( focused on the design on the lip balm product. Since many similar products of the day were sold in boring tubes, this company had to figure out how to redesign the product to make it more fun for women to use in their daily beauty routines. The end result of that design process was cute pots of lip balm that women actually wanted to use. With cute colors and great flavors, women were instantly drawn to the product and happy to see the positive results as well.

Next, EOS or Evolution of Smooth focused on marketing its product to women aged 25-35. Beauty editors of popular magazines such as Cosmo and Allure had great reviews of the orbs of lip balm, and readers took notice. In addition, beauty bloggers featured EOS on sites such as Facebook, Instagram and even YouTube, which garnered even more positive attention. The products made its way to popular retail stores such as Walgreens, Walmart and even Lucky Vitamin drug stores.

Also, this company made the smart decision to partner with other well-known brands to get their product in front of even more potential customers. EOS partnered with respectable brands such as Disney and Keds, which further added to the popularity of the lip balm.

With a revolutionary design and a phenomenal marketing plan, it is easy to see how this company achieved its success in a short time period. According to an article on, EOS has no plans to slow down or stop and is even adding more great products to its existing line.