Prisons Are Being Infiltrated

Based within Austin, Texas is a tech company that specializes in creating safety products. These safety products have been implemented into law enforcement, correctional facilities, public safety sectors, and have been used by private investigators to keep their homes secure. Securus Technologies can be found keeping over 1000 prisons safe and protecting the 1.2 million prisoners that live inside.


Securus Technologies devotes most of its time to keeping inmates safe from one another and stopping inmates from continuing criminal activity on the outside. Over the years, criminals have become more crafty in finding ways to bypass the security measures implemented by Securus Technologies. Perhaps one of the most inventive ones has been using drones to deliver contraband items into the prison system.


Often when you think of hobby drones you think of them taking photographs of pretty birds or landscapes or following some kid arriving on his bicycle. However, drones are also being used to bring illegal merchandise into the yards of prisons. These illegal drones carry items such as drugs, pornography, cell phones, and weapons.


Securus Technologies takes this invasion from criminals extremely seriously. They understand that these items pose a threat to the personnel who run the correctional facilities and the inmates living inside and even those living in the residential districts surrounding the prison. They have put their heads together with some of the brightest in the industry and they believe that they can use a system known as the Wireless Containment Solutions to prevent these drones from delivering their goods.


After working with engineers for over 18 months, Securus Technologies believes that the Wireless Containment Solutions will be capable of locking onto the unique signature of each drone and sending an electrical pulse that will immediately disrupt its connection causing it to fall to the ground. They want to get to the point however that they can manually override its technology and begin controlling it themselves.


Securus Technologies has recently received many awards proving that it is the top choice for anybody needing safety technology. They have recently received three Stevie Awards in the areas of innovation and customer service. Their customer service team received the gold award for its work in dealing with customer complaints and using it to create further innovation in the company. Within their customer service team, the vice president was able to take home the silver award for her hard work in ensuring that customers receive what they ask for. Lastly, their visual team received the bronze award for successfully monitoring and stopping many crimes before they were committed. Securus Technologies can hold its head proud knowing it is making this world a safer place to live in for us all.

Securus Technologies Instrumental in Cracking Down on Inmate Violence

Ask any corrections officer what the most challenging part of their job is, and most will tell you that working closely with inmates who would jump at the chance to hurt them. With all the latest advances in technology, I go to work each day at the local prison on high-alert that things could go bad at any moment.


Recently an inmate used a weapon that was hidden in the yard to attack two guards, putting both of them in a hospital for months. Our corrections officers has been working closely with Securus Technologies this year to tighten up security to make this facility safer for everyone. The company developed a telephone monitor that works inside the jail and picks up unique conversations by inmates that could be reason for concern down the road.


The LBS software is capable of doing the work of a team of guards, so these officers are now on the floor while the system scans calls for trouble. If any inmate even whispers about weapons, violence, gangs, drugs, and contraband, and the alert goes out so my officers can investigate the issue and eliminate any threat.


To that point, this year has been a complete turnaround as far as violence against officers. Our jail is don 40 percent in these violent outbursts due in part to Securus Technologies. In one week we heard an inmate talk about a knife hidden in the yard buried under the grass, another discuss drugs in his ventilation system, and one inmate speaking with gang members about punishing a rival gang leader. Our team strikes fast regardless the severity of the concern, helping to reduce the chances that these inmates are in the position to be able to overpower a guard, inmate, worker, or even guest.


Jail Business

During peak hours, traffic inside the typical U.S. facility increases, and the phone lines only get busy. Sometimes, your status changes while performing for processing all at the same time. What if there were a service that can not only create your staffing resources for more complex tasks but can also make obtaining inmate information and funding components more convenient for your citizens – and all with the phone system already installed? Does this sound like a dream?


It’s not too good to be true. Since today’s taxpaying citizens expect instant access to vital information, how can you keep up with their demands while keeping your operating costs down? Automated information services are a quick and viable solution as a whole, and Securus Technologies can provide such help and so much more – all while keeping your jail phone bill costs down in turn. Is that not something worth fighting for, besides for the very health and mental sanity of your jailed friend or family member? I would agree that it is, friend, and that is why you need to use Securus Technologies for all your inmate communication needs.


The best part is this: You can either use a prepaid service and have your charges come off your bill automatically – as well as post from your card or bank on a certain day every month – or you may simply pay as you go along. It couldn’t be simpler: You begin by creating a profile and service plan while entailing your every personal detail before being allowed to activate the service; many personal questions will purge you, but this is not an invasion of privacy but rather a safety measure. Securus has thought of it all: Remember them when you need inmate phone service and save many dollars more.

Securus Technologies – Helping Keep Communities Safer Through Crime Prevention Technology

Securus Technologies is one of the largest inmate communications and crime prevention technology firm in the country and serves over 1,200,000 prisoners and 3,450 law enforcement agencies. Over the years, the company has been able to develop a series of products and services that have made the correctional space advanced and safe.



The inmates are now able to not only talk to their loved ones but the services like video visitation now also allow the prisoners to meet and see their loved ones virtually. It helps the inmates, as well as their families and friends, lead a better life free from stress. In a way, it has also helped transform the lives of many prisoners and showed them the right path and left the crime world or the wrong ways they have followed earlier.



Securus Technologies recently published a press release online that showed a series of comments from the letters it received from the law enforcement officials. The letters go on to show how the services of Securus Technologies are helping the law enforcement officials with crime prevention and keep the crime rate low. It has also helped the law enforcement agencies to catch and convict the offenders.



Securus Technologies also used the press release as an opportunity to invite the investors and customers to its technology center. The company has one of the most advanced technology centers in Dallas, Texas, and the company wants the investors and clients to visit the center to check out the advancement the company has made in the last few years in bringing the innovation to the correctional sphere.



As a law enforcement official myself, I can say that the services of the company are one of the most advanced in the correctional sphere. I have used the crime based technology of other businesses, but the ones offered by Securus is by far the best and most helpful as well.