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One of the trends in the traditional bookstore business today is the declining of the sales revenue and the number of customers due to high competition in the sector. In China, the leading e-commerce platform, is helping the bookstores to increase their sales volumes. The retailer has business interests in online book ventures. was founded by Richard Liu Jingdong to provide a wide range of consumer products more conveniently. Some of the services that offers to bookstores owners is procurement and logistics. The supply chains have been one of the main challenges in traditional bookstores, but is changing that situation. One of the benefits of using the services of the online retailer is that it is cost effective and avoids delays that are common in the traditional setup.

According to the testimonials from one of the beneficiaries of the online platform, Tangning, the sales volumes increased with a 30% margin while the profits rose by 17% by at the end of last year. The turnover at the business has also reduced from more than one year to 220 days since the signing of the partnership with The online platform by Jingdong’s enterprise has provided a platform for the bookstore owners to access useful data analysis tools. The tools have helped in the acquisition of books that meet the customer requirements and hence attracting more customers. According to the management of Tangning, the services by have helped the firm to gain a competitive advantage over the other traditional bookstores.

Over the years, has continued to grow and is currently ranked as the largest online retailer in China. It is also the most profitable among the other internet firms in the country. It is the pacesetter in the online shopping sector in China. Quality is an important value in the running of the organization and that has led to a good reputation. The number of customers at the online retailer has increased with time as it has always guaranteed the authenticity of its products which includes fresh foods and cosmetics. delivers ordered products to the customers in the most convenient manner and time.

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