Vijay Eswaran’s Intriguing Personal Philosophy and Business Successes.

Vijay Eswaran started as an innocent young man without a purpose. With a little money in his pocket, he worked in several low-grade jobs in different companies for several years. Eswaran received a breakthrough when he was invited by the Cosway Group in the Philippines to start its marketing operations. In the course of his duty at Cosway, Vijay Eswaran began to take a keen interest in multi-level marketing. In 1998, Eswaran co-founded a multilevel marketing company which sprung up and evolved into the QI Group. QI Group is a world-class online business which is an amalgam of several sectors of the economy.

Despite the work demands of his father, where the family was forced to transfer from to several areas of the country. Eswaran was lucky to receive an excellent education where he graduated from the famous London School of Economics with a Socio-economics degree. Eswaran’s matriarch was a tutor while his patriarch was a civil servant in the ministry of labor.

Vijay Eswaran gained a natural conscience of motivational writing due to his successful business experiences. Eswaran is a renowned wordsmith of the top-selling volume ‘’In the Sphere of Silence” published in 2005, followed by “In the Thinking Zone” again being tossed in style to the market after three years. Other books include ‘’18 Stepping Stones” which is Eswaran’s third publication and the fourth book, “On the Wings of Thought.” Eswaran’s latest release was in May 2017 called “Two Minutes from the Abyss.”

More about Vijay Eswaran

In 1960 the great man, Eswaran was born and raised from a humble background in a town called Penang, Malaysia. Vijay Eswaran has risen against all odds to become a motivational speaker, a successful entrepreneur and an economist by profession. Forbes has recognized Eswaran as one of Asia’s Top 50 philanthropists. Eswaran is also a passionate activist of higher learning in South East Asia. Eswaran has received a multitude of accolades for spearheading businesses. Eswaran is also an enthusiastic member of the consultative body of the World Economic Forum’s Global Growth Companies. Eswaran is always a guest speaker at the WEF’s yearly conference in Davos.