Cleanaway CEO Vik Bansal Urges The Australian Government To Set Aside Funds To Recycle Waste On The Pacific Ocean

For many years, millions of people in the world have made rivers the perfect place to discard their waste. The waste can be in the form of plastic, metal, or even human waste from estates. Because of this, there has been growing concern over the number of plastic and metallic waste that finds its way to the lakes, seas, and later to the oceans. In the Pacific Ocean for instance, there is a huge heap of plastic waste three times the size of a whole country of France. Vik Bansal, the CEO of Cleanaway, a non-governmental organizations that champions for a more sustainable environment says if nothing is done in the right time, the ever-increasing number of plastic waste dumped into the ocean will soon eradicate marine life.ccccccc

To substantiate his point, Vik Bansal goes ahead to say that statistics shows that by 2050, the entire human population is set to dump approximately 27 billion tones worthy of human waste. “This amount of waste is just from human waste. If you add industrial waste to this, then you know how serious the situation will be,” says Vik Bansal. Thanks to Vik Bansal’s persistence pressure, businesses, private firms and governments around the globe have promised to step up with some giving their monetary support. The Australian government is among those that have come out publicly to support the noble initiative. In a statement, the government said it will give $134 million. This amount will in turn generate an extra $428 million that will be used for recycling.

Vik Bansal’s experience in overseeing startups goes beyond 20 years. Before joining Cleanaway as its CEO in 2015, Vik has worked as Chief Operating Officer and President of Valmont Industries. In addition, he has held senior position in Eaton Corporation and One Steel Limited. He has a degree in Electrical Engineering.

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