David Azzato Speaks about Chlorine Washing to UK farmers

2020 was a very tight year for business owners and people working in various organizations. Countries were looking for possible ways of getting rid of the coronavirus pandemic and getting their old lives back. While all these was happening in the world, there was a new deal taking place in the United Kingdom and the United States. The two nations were debating about the issue of chlorinated chicken. Chlorinated chicken, according to David Azzato, a professional serving in the finance section, is a modern and very unique farming process that has been used in the United States for a while. The farmers in the United States use the popular pathogen reduction treatment, commonly known as PRT to wash their chicken. David Azzato says that the chicken are washed using special disinfectants and chlorine. These chemicals are used to get rid of all the bacteria on the chicken. When the process has happened, the chicken are protected from harmful infections that might take place when the chicken is growing or when it is being slaughtered for human consumption. David Azzato major concern is that the EU decided to ban the use of chlorine washing in the year 1997. The global community discussed this issue for so long because no one wanted to lose their argument about the use of chlorine. Check out David Azzato on Youtube to know more.

Although chlorine washing was abolished, the United States USDA has assured farmers that the process is safe and effective on the chicken. The institution has always said that chlorine washing makes the chicken meat safer for human consumption. The chemicals, according to the prestigious facility, are very safe when given to human and chicken too. Even with the assurance from the prestigious facility, a recent study shows that only ten percent of the total processing plants dealing with chicken are using chlorine washes in their plants. For the United Kingdom resident, the process has become trickier. The food safety authorities in this country have already come to the conclusion that chemicals used in poultry farming do not bring health risks to human beings and the chicken. The same facilities reported that using chlorine washing was very effective in reducing the spread of salmonella. All of these theories have been debated and discussed in many platforms for decades, and none of the people in the society. During the pandemic, more research, according to David Azzato, has been done on various chicken practices and they have all supported the use of chlorine wash in farming. Click the link to learn more: https://www.quora.com/profile/David-Azzato