Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus Offers At Home COVID-19 Testing

The pandemic has had some effect on just about every company in one way or another. For Eric Lefkofsky and his company Tempus, the pandemic allowed the company to expand into infectious diseases. This spring Tempus, an industry leader in AI and precision medicine, announced that they developed a COVID-19 test that can be administered in the privacy of the home. The Tempus iC Home Collection test is simple for doctors to order. Once the physician prescribes the kit, it is sent directly to the patient. 


The patient does not have to leave their home, which is necessary if they are in quarantine. Tempus received emergency authorization from the US Food and Drug Administration for their test kit. To add to his titles, Eric Lefkofsky is a great community leader who sits on different boards. Eric Lefkofsky has also touched many lives through his charitable foundation, Lefkofsky Family Foundation. The home test kit includes clear instructions and free return shipping back to the lab. Once the lab receives the sample, they provide results within 48 hours. 


The home COVID-19 test hit is an expansion to the test that Tempus ONE firm developed in the spring of 2020. This test at home kit gives patients another option to getting a COVID test. It is also another step towards Tempus’s goal of offering country-wide COVID testing. CEO Eric Lefkofsky believes that companies like Tempus must develop and increase their testing capabilities. Tempus has tested millions of people since they started testing. Now, with the at home kits, they can reach even more people. 

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