Insights Into Data Systems International New Cloud Inventory Solution

Data Systems International has been operational for more than 40 years, and one of its most revolutionary products has been Cloud Inventory. This mobile-first cloud-based inventory management solution gives enterprises an unprecedented level of control and management over their supply chain and inventory. Here is an overview of this pioneering inventory and supply chain management.

What are the capabilities of Cloud Inventory?

According to DSI Global, Cloud Inventory is a highly capable solution that enables manufacturers and distributors to take control of their inventory and supply chain and manage it in real-time. This includes tracking consignment materials, job site supplies, tools, inventory, and assets outside the warehouse with an unprecedented level of accuracy.

DSI Global’s solution allows companies to have visibility of the inventory’s authenticity, location, and state across the supply chain. This unique ability allows the enterprises to increase their revenues as they can respond to their inventory management needs as they happen. Therefore, they can optimize their supply chains.

In addition to that, the enterprises also get to improve their inventory optimization, compliance, and productivity. All of these achievements are reached without the companies have to supply chain and inventory management.

This is because DSI has designed the cloud solution with a simple user interface and can efficiently be utilized on mobile devices. The user interface includes dashboards that allow the users to keep tabs on their supply chain management and improve it.

A new version of Cloud Inventory is here

Not so long ago, Data Systems International announced that it was releasing a new version of Cloud Inventory. This new offering is designed with adaptability in mind as it’s meant to tackle the changing supply chain demands. The covid-19 pandemic has disrupted supply chains like nothing else before it at a time when globalization has made nations and companies highly dependable on one another. The new Cloud Inventory would be making inventory management more agile so that companies can better handle similar situations in the future. See related link for more information.


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