Jake Medwell on the Evolution of Supply Chain Innovation

Jake Medwell is an entrepreneur and the CEO of 8VC. His company has allied with Lineage Logistics Company. The alliance aims at the revolution of the transport and technology logistics industry. Both companies have worked together before in propelling logistics startups such as Baton, Project44, and Trakonomy. Lineage Logistics also uses 8VC’s technology across its network.

Medwell joined Lineage Logistics as an advisor. Medwell hopes that the alliance with Lineage Logistics will help improve technology in the supply chain. The technology will help reduce wastage in the supply chain. It will also improve the growth of their customer.

The alliance aims to automation of tech products and providing visibility in the supply chain. The CIO of lineage logistics joins the 8VC as an advisor. He said that the alliance would help develop technology platforms. Improvement in technology will bring both economic and social value.

8VC employs advisors and partners in the supply chain. Thus helping identify impactful technology. Jake Medwell has also partnered with the logistics technology team. This partnership will help advance the technology roadmap and help in the innovation of new tech products.

Lineage Logistics are leaders in technology, scale, and size. Their alliance with the capital firm 8VC will help revolutionize logistics technology and the transport industry.