Jason Hope and his Opinion on the Internet of Things

Jason Hope is a popular internet entrepreneur who has been in the business for quite a number of years. He’s known to make accurate predictions about the development of future technologies. Jason Hope is from the greater Phoenix area and he went to the W.P Carey School of Business where he got his MBA. He is a very skilled entrepreneur who invests in technology and has taken part in many charitable events. 


The Internet of Things has grown in popularity and you can connect devices that were common so as to have maximum control of your surroundings. Before the Internet of Things broke ground, Jason Hope said that it was going to be a nerve-wrecking technology. According to him, we’re yet to see many changes and evolving of the IOT such that everything will be connected. 


Activist Investor Jason Hope

This will have a major impact on business and personal life. Through IOT, you can manage all your tasks instantly. Homes will get connected to the IOT, and people will start using the IOT connection more frequently. Back in 2010, Jason Hope made a huge contribution to the SENS Research Foundation. Ever since then, he has always been participating in creating awareness of this foundation because he has always believed in their mission. 


The SENS Research Foundation is trying to research ways of curing the aging process. Their main focus is on curing diseases and conditions associated with aging.  They are able to achieve this by using rejuvenation biotechnologies and other forms of technologies. Jason Hope is a champion of IOT and the SENS Research Foundation and these two have proved to be cheerleaders in improving the quality of life in the coming future.