Justin Halladay is a Serial Entrepreneur

Justin Halladay has worked in business development for fifteen years and built national sales and customer support teams.

He worked for firms in states like Pennsylvania, Colorado, New York, and New Jersey.

Halladay even worked in the WTC for six years for Morgan Stanley.

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This position led him to be a global rollout manager for a large company in Denver, Colorado, where he spent five years.

From Denver back to New Jersey to Philly and Florida, the second half of his professional career begins.

He is a well-qualified and seasoned business professional.

Just like the founder of his company, Halladay is a serial entrepreneur.

In the past, he spent the first half of his career working his way up the corporate ladder, building national sales and customer support teams.

His experiences range from working for startups with less than five employees to large global corporations with tens of thousands of employees.

His career has taken him from the World Trade Center to working in a small software development company in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

Before founding JJ3B, He moved to New Jersey and then Florida.

His new venture, JJ3B, has four primary purposes: witnessing relationship violence victims, fostering healing, and educating the public about the problem.

While Halladay is now president of the company, he is still a part of its day-to-day operations.

The company aims to provide the best tools and services for clients. It also focuses on addressing the social needs of the client.

Its founders are experienced in many sectors, including technology and software.

They have the requisite skills to create the perfect product.

 Halladay has had experience in many industries.

The firm has grown its market share and customer base by using the latest technologies.

During the last few years, the business has become a global leader.

Learn more about Justin Halladay: https://justinhalladay.medium.com/