Learn about Trevor Edwards

Trevor was born in London, England, on November 28, 1962. His mother, Joyce, was a nurse, and his father, Ossie, worked as an accountant but later ventured into several other professionals. Trevor Edwards comes from a family of four, and his parents toiled hard to offer them a good life.

Although Trevor Edward’s family was among the minorities in their area, life was not that bad. Trevor Edwards also believes his early environment was crucial in shaping his personality and boosting his confidence, while his parent prayed a significant role in shaping his character.

At the age of 13, his family relocated to Kingston, Jamaica something Trevor didn’t appreciate at first. Living in Jamaica, he found that they were also in the minority not because of their color but because they were English. Later, Trevor came to realize and enjoy cultural differences. He came to learn the need to view the world from a different perspective, which made him develop a love for Jamaica.

Trevor later developed an interest in sports, particularly football and basketball. He also participated in gymnastics and cricket games. Edwards excelled in his education during his high school, where he also studied foreign languages. Some of the foreign languages he pursued include Latin, French, and German.

After graduating from high school, he joined Baruch College in 1984, pursuing a business bachelor’s degree. Edwards continued with his education, studying international marketing and finance, graduating with an M.B.A in 1984. Trevor Edwards has worked with several companies, including A athletic brand, Inc. as the corporate vice president, Colgate-Palmolive, and Goldman Sachs. Additionally, Edwards has been named as the most brilliant marketing mind worldwide.