Leo Radvinsky Continues Support of Open Source Software Development

Tech visionary Leonid Radvinsky has long been a proponent of the open source movement. In fact, he was instrumental in helping B4X software convert its rapid application development programming language from proprietary to open source back in 2010.

He also has advocated for and supported the open source programming language Elixir, making it the standard for most of his projects.

To Leo Radvinsky, open source software has the potential to vastly improve the efficiency and reliability of software and democratizes technology for developers of all levels. It is free so that developers can incorporate it into projects with little risk. Open source software fosters global collaboration because its source code is open, allowing any developer to suggest changes or enhancements for the betterment of the community.

Recently, Radvinsky has taken his support of open source technology a step further by forming the LR Foundation. The foundation seeks to empower organizations that are dedicated to expanding accessibility through open-source software. The foundation identifies and funds open source projects that “sit at the intersection of technology and philanthropy.”¬† So far, the LR Foundation has funded Pleroma, FediApp, Give Ethereum, the OpenBSD Foundation, and the Software Freedom Conservancy, in addition to B4X and Elixir.

Tech entrepreneur Radvinsky was introduced to technology through the BASIC programming language. To date, he’s donated over $3 million to further innovation through empowering the community that supports open source technology.

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