Life and Internet: Jason Hope

Internet entrepreneur Jason Hope is well-known and rather accurate at predictions regarding future technologies. Hope is from Phoenix and attended W.P. Carey School of Business where he earned his MBA and is skilled as an investor. He also takes pride in the charitable work he does. Jason Hope´s thought process when it comes to breakthroughs and future technology is what people find intriguing about him. He has vision when it comes to the Internet.


Hope’s Thoughts on Internet Connectivity


The Internet is everywhere, and more things can connect than ever before. Common devices can now connect to the Internet so that control of surroundings is optimal. Jason Hope suggested that increasingly groundbreaking technology would come from this long before it was commonly believed. He believes that it will evolve until there isn’t anything that won’t connect allowing for the increase of efficiency in all areas.


Jason Hope and Anti Aging


Tasks will be instantly managed making it more convenient. Personal lives and businesses will both benefit from the increased ability to handle tasks remotely and instantly.


Anti-Aging and Longevity Research

Jason Hope accurately predicted that along with homes health related issues would be monitored by devices with increasing frequency. The goal is to improve health while increasing longevity. In 2010 he made a large donation to the SENS Research Foundation and is still active with them because he believes in the mission. Jason Hope states that the aging process is being studied in hopes of curing illnesses and diseases that come with it. Rejuvenation biotechnologies are being used for improvement of life quality.