Michael Capiraso Joins JoggingBuddy as a Shareholder and Advisor

In the New York sports section, Michael Capiraso is one of the most respected figures. The sports visionary has transformed the lives of many people in the past years. Through his results-driven team building activities, Michael Capiraso has brought growth to several companies. Unlike other leaders in society, Michael is a dynamic professional who loves working with large-scale brands. In his career life, the businessperson has served in several companies. In all of his duties, Michael Capiraso ensures that he gives his best. Just recently, JoggingBuddy announced that they would be giving Michael Capiraso a position in their fantastic facility. According to the institution, Michael will serve as an advisor and shareholder. JoggingBuddy chose the veteran sports professional because of various reasons.

Apart from being experienced in sporting issues, Michael is hardworking and disciplined in all of his responsibilities.

JoggingBuddy came into the market a few years ago. The organization was introduced so that people can find motivation when exercising. Having a partner when going for morning runs or any other sporting activity has numerous reasons. The participants get fast results because of these few reasons;

Better dedication

It is prevalent for people to feel slumped whenever they want to go for their exercise sessions.

When someone does not have the proper strength to go out and exercise, they will need someone to inspire and push them. JoggingBuddy encourages its users to make plans with a partner. These users end up getting more committed to their running exercises because of the partners.


Going for exercises in public places is sometimes dangerous to the athletes. When it is dark, many people, especially women, do not like going out for their run because of their safety. With a partner, however, the spaces become safer for the athletes.

The process of running is strenuous to the body. In case of any emergencies when running, your partner can always call for help.

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