Dr. Saad Saad Outlines How to Deal With Joint Pains

Usually, parents get concerned when their children complain of joint or leg pain.

Most of the school-going children may experience some of these pains according to Dr. Saad Saad. Dr. Saad is an expert pediatric surgeon who has been practicing medicine for the last 45 years.

He is currently based in New Jersey where he has his clinic. Saad claims that most of these pains will disappear on their own as the kids grow. In addition to this, he argues that kids need to practice healthy playing while exercising.

Dr. Saad argues that most of the leg pains that kids experience are due to growing.

This kind of pain is likely to occur in the knee, calves, or thigh muscles. More often, the pain will go away naturally. However, not all leg and joint pains are a sign of growing up.

Some medical conditions that bring about leg pains include leukemia, lupus, lyme disease, and juvenile idiopathic arthritis.

Thus, Dr. Saad says that when the pain persists, it is essential to seek medical care. More severe leg pains indicate that the condition requires medical attention.

According to research, the leg or joint pain that most school-going kids experience is because of the growing pains. Growing pains usually occur in a child’s preschool as well as preteen years. The pain will end once the kids get to teenage years.

Dr. Saad Saad says that all the growing pains are not harmful and do not indicate a severe condition. This pain usually occurs in the thigh and calf muscles or the arms and behind the knees.

Kids experience these pains as aches or cramp-like pains. The pain can range from severe to mild. The following are some of the symptoms that come along with growing pains:

  • The pain usually occurs at night or during the evenings and disappear in the morning
  • The pains are so severe that it will wake up a sleeping child
  • In most case, both legs are affecte
  • Happens in consecutive nights
  • May also cause abdominal pain as well as headaches

Dr. Saad says that several home remedies can be used to ease the growing pains. Some of the home remedies include a warm bath before going to bed. This will help reduce the pain as well as soothe the kid to sleep.

Massage is also another effective way to lessen the growing pains. Rubbing the painful leg gently can make the kid to feel better as well as giving the kid comfort.

After four decades of practice, Dr. Saad is the perfect person to give medical advice. He has seen it all in this industry and his advice is meant to help everyone. Everyone who has worked with him knows what a great person he is.

Reminiscing With Guilherme Paulus

One of the most influential businessmen in Brazil, Guilherme Paulus, is, today, the head of GJP Resorts and Hotels, as well as member of the Board of Advisors for CVC Brasil. Originally, this ground breaking entrepreneur began his career with IBM, where Guilherme Paulus worked as an intern, but upon partnering up with Carlos Vicente Cerchiari, he delved into the touring agency venture. This proved to be one of the most important opportunities on his road to success, as his partnership with Cerchiari lasted four years, and laid the groundwork for his flourishing empire. GJP Resorts and Hotels currently operates more than 20 locations in Brazil and employs upwards of 5,000 people.

As an entrepreneur, remaining productive within such a volatile industry is paramount, and in order to do so, Guilherme Paulus always begins by projecting feelings of optimism and gratitude. Taking a “boots-on-the-ground” approach, Guilherme Paulus is often tasked with the responsibility to bring his ideas to fruition, often implementing creative approaches garnered during his extensive career. Mr. Paulus is of the opinion that, despite the projected prospects of a future idea or service, its potential cannot be truly measured without implementing real-life studies. Over the course of his career, Guilherme Paulus has worked to ensure that his passion for business and entrepreneurship never wanes – a key to his continual motivation and successful endeavors. In order to ensure that this process continues on a tangible level, he works to stay abreast of budding technologies that could improve the efficiency and effectiveness of his business. In recent years, this has become increasingly effective, as modern breakthroughs have drastically cut back the time and effort required for positive communication between him, his employees, and most importantly, his consumer base. The needs and expectations of his consumer base, continue to rise as his business expands, making his relationship with the latest tech, a virtual necessity.

Each week, Guilherme Paulus travels to at least two or three of the physical locations under the GJP Resorts Hotels banner. In his estimation, it is easy to become distracted by everyday responsibilities due to his position within the organization, so he makes a conscious effort to remain close to employees and consumers, as this type of interaction cannot be substituted. While he believes that his failures have attributed to his growth just as much as his successes, when reminiscing on his time as a young man, he has come to realize that, seeking accepting advice from those who are more experienced, can go a long way.

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GreenSky Credit goes where the money is

If you were told that an entire industry had set about to achieve high levels of prosperity and growth by seeking out deals where the participants had no assets, jobs or income, you may think that you were either talking to some sort of crazy payday lender or someone who was just plain crazy, period.

Yet, that is exactly the strategy that many of the top companies in the fintech sector were attempting to follow throughout the late 2000s and early 2010s. Companies like OnDeck and Lending Club were apparently so high on their own supply of Marxist utopian drivel that they actually started believing that products like NINJA loans, micro lending and so-called community reinvestment would be sources of great financial prosperity. Their resulting thousand-foot cliff dive onto the rocks has been, therefore, somewhat unsurprising to more sober-minded observers.

GreenSky shows acumen and common sense

But there was one company that never bought into this left-coast propaganda. GreenSky Credit decided early on that it would follow proven money-making techniques. Taking the advice of John Dillinger to heart, GreenSky Credit went where the money was, not where it had never existed.

GreenSky Credit found transactions where everyone would win and where everyone was trustworthy, upstanding and solvent. The first niche market that the company concentrated on was the high-end home improvement sector. GreenSky didn’t even want to look at the lower end of this market. By concentrating on the top of the home improvement business, GreenSky had two very useful characteristics naturally built into every deal that it did.

The first was that almost all of the people looking to spend five or six figures to do home renovations are prime borrowers, meaning that they have FICO scores above 760. This, by itself, made it very easy for the firm to pitch its business to its major lending partners.

The second advantage is that, by focusing only on those doing high-end home renovations, the company’s borrowers were all but guaranteed to be seeing increases in their home values that exceeded the cost of the renovations. Unlike in low-end neighborhoods, where over-improving a property often ends up costing more than it adds, high-end home prices almost always benefit from significant improvements.


What You Need to Know About The RealReal’s Instagram Page

The RealReal currently has 156,000 Instagram followers and is growing. This brand wants to teach you the science behind spotting a counterfeit item from an authentic one. They want to take over the consignment movement by offering authentic designer pieces on their online shop.

At first look, their Instagram page looks like just like any other online store’s Instagram page. Your eyes are also not sure where to look because there are so many amazing designer pieces on their page. At the top, you can check out their Instagram stories on expert advice, sustainable fashion, authenticity, and their LA and SoHo stores.

Look further down the page and you’ll see incredible posts about the designer shoes, handbags, and fashions they sell at both their brick-and-mortar and online stores. Take a look at this closeup (https://www.instagram.com/p/Bo18A57lh0a/?hl=en&taken-by=therealreal) of this Versace denim jacket. It looks like something out of an editorial photo shoot from the 90s.

Then there’s this picture of a plush yellow Chanel handbag (https://www.instagram.com/p/Bowj7jgFHiG/?hl=en&taken-by=therealreal) that features the iconic logo and chain strap. The RealReal shared the photo on National Handbag Day. They also engage their customers by asking them about their favorite designer pieces.

That’s not all. The company also announces contests to win some of these luxury items. They also share quotes from notable people in the fashion industry like Patti Smith, Kenzo Takada, Miuccia Prada, and Vivienne Westwood. Just like with their products, you’ll your money’s worth on their Instagram page. It’s educational, informative, and easy on the eyes.

Randal Nardone An Entrepreneur With An Eye For Investments

Randal Nardone an Entrepreneur With An Eye For Investments

Randal Nardone has always had an eye for business, but when he ventured into starting a company, he knew it would not be such an easy thing because of cutthroat competition that exists in the financial realm. Randal Nardone did not start out green in the industry as he was already well adverse with workings in financial sector and had been engaging with many clients in the past. Having a vision of bringing improvements that could lead his company into the top best performing private equity firms drove him to start Fortress Investment Group. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of firm whereby he has contributed his vast knowledge into the development of the institution.

Randal did not start in the financial sector but studied law and earned a graduate certification, as well as a masters in the same field, from the University of Connecticut as well as Boston University School of law respectively. With time he worked for companies that gave him an insight into the financial world and a curiosity was formed whereby he worked to interlink  legal sector with the commercial field. As time went by he cultivated an interest in the business which ultimately led him to switch tracks and embark in a new career in finance.

Randal Nardone then went on to hold prestigious positions at Alea Group Holdings, Eurocastle Investment Limited as well as Springleaf Finance Corporation. Such an aggressive turnaround has led Randal to have an impressive career as he believes in putting in the very best in skill and commitment to ensure that all he attempts come into fruition. The expert  successful businessman that he built at Fortress attracted the attention of SoftBank Group which saw it put a deal in acquiring the firm. December last year saw the company being acquired fully by the bank and yet again proving that Randal Nardone had once again successfully led the company to a lucrative deal for him and the other principals. He joined Forbes billionaire list in 2007 and currently ranks at five hundred, and fifty-seven we expect more to come from this seasoned entrepreneur.

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Talos Energy Encourages Greater Employee Participation

WorkplaceDynamics, an well-known employee survey company, has named Talos Energy the best local small business workplace. While the company is typical compensation do not rank near the top, it has built that reputation by allowing its employees to have a greater stake in company.

Talos Energy was created by Tim Duncan along with a team of partners. The environment of the financial crisis of a decade ago forced him and his partners, who were then running private equity backed oil and gas company, to change their focus. By focusing on the most lucrative spots they were able to double in size and sell their company to Apache Corp. in 2011.

Tim Duncan, his partners in tow, then went on to start Talos Energy with the equity earned from their earlier backers, as well as their assets in the Gulf of Mexico that have been producing 16,000 barrels of oil per day. They went on to grow the company up to a total of 120 employees.

It’s the presence of an entrepreneurial spirit within the company that Tim Duncan believes attracts the best candidates for employment. It also encourages a free flow of ideas, which pushes innovation. He credits this tendency to the way he was treated by his bosses in his early years of his professional life. They wanted to hear what he had to say, and that made him work that much harder.

The smaller size of the Talos Energy has a lot of influence, as well. Michael Harding, chief accounting officer and controller, believes being a private equity pushes Talos Energy toward a more entrepreneurial atmosphere. This leads to more innovative thinking than is possible with typical larger firms. Having a smaller employee pool also means that the work each individual does has larger reverberations throughout the rest of the company.

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Rodrigo Terpins Has Goals Outside Of The Race Track.

When Rodrigo Terpins crossed the finish line at the 22nd Sertoes Rally, he and his navigator Fabricio Bianchini had locked in a Top-3 finish for the T1 Prototypes category. Terpins, a professional rally driver from Brazil, knew that this was a monumental moment for his career and that of his team at Bull Sertoes. Still, Terpins knew that this wasn’t all that his life would be defined as. Despite his success as a famous and beloved rally car driver, Terpins has been working outside of the racing world in order to establish himself as an entrepreneur with an empire in mind.


Rodrigo Terpins was born in Sao Paulo Brazil to a family comprised of incredible professional athletes. His father, Jack Terpins, got to the highest levels of Brazilian basketball and he spent years as a professional before retiring. Rodrigo’s brother, Michel, also reached the level of professional rally car driver. It makes complete sense that Rodrigo would work hard in order to follow in their footsteps. With that being said, Rodrigo has always considered himself destined for so much more than just a life as a professional athlete.  You can checkout ideamensch.com



Rodrigo Terpins is the founder of Floresvale, an innovative wood production company that seeks to service Brazil’s booming wood products industry. The difference between Floresvale and any number of other lumber production companies is the fact that Terpins is focused on longevity and he is employing sustainable, ethical, and environmentally friendly business practices in order to succeed. His work has already received high praise in the industry and Floresvale is growing as a result.


As an entrepreneur and a professional race car driver, Terpins knows how it feels to be completely in the moment with his work. Terpins also knows how important it is to be able to adjust as unforeseen obstacles show up on your radar. The thrill of winning a race is similar to that of scoring a big win in the business world and that is why Terpins is so in love with both industries. Right now, Terpins is looking ahead to several new sectors to explore including mobile technology and medicinal marijuana. For more details you can checkout linkedin.com


This why Fortress Investment Group stands to reap big in the digital industry after a deal with iPass

The internet age in the 21st Century changed the game for most businesses and companies. Today, any company that is worth its salt is bound to keep innovating and investing in technology because it is the future of doing business. Fortress Investment Group is the latest multinational company to do so, having put pen to paper on a financing deal with iPass. iPass is one of the top global providers of connectivity network, accounting for more than 64 million wi-fi hot-spots around the world.

This effectively makes iPass the leading provider of the most extensive Wi-Fi network. It gets better because their system supports all devices running SaaS( Software-as-a-Service), which means that users can sign in anywhere, anytime using any device. This technology has been tipped to be the future of doing business and networking . With Fortress now invested in iPass, it gives them an added advantage, given the future profitability of iPass.

According to Maravedis Rethink, more than 300 million Wi-Fi hot-spots will be available by the end of 2018 across all parts of the globe. iPass has strategically positioned itself in a position to take full advantage of the surging industry by coming up with unique products such as SmartConnect and Veri-Fi. As iPass CEO Gary Griffiths notes, the financial resources provided by Fortress will be a big boost to their projected growth. Fortress Investment Group financed iPass to a tune of $20 million, with $10 million being immediately accessible to iPass.

The move by Fortress Investment Group is a welcome gesture to the stakeholders of the company who now stand to make a killing in the future when iPass gathers momentum. With the digital revolution taking shape, companies with no digital plans will find it had to survive in the industry. Fortress is on the safe side and has made one step further by investing in the technology of the future.

More about Fortress

Fortress Investment Group, a wealth management firm was founded back in 1988 by Wesley Edens, Rob Kauffman and Randal Nardone. Since then, the company has grown to be one of the most trusted investment partner by hundreds of companies and individuals all over the world. In 2007, the company made history by being the first private-equity investment firm to go public and list in the New York Stock Exchange. To know more about the company click here.

Why Is It Important to Invest in Freedom Checks?

Recently, a video made by Matt Badiali instantly went viral. The video talks about freedom checks, but only a few people understood its message. It turns out, Matt Badiali is sharing a new strategy for the public on how they can gain additional income. He explained that these checks could be purchased for as low as $50 to $100 from master limited partnerships – or companies which have agreed to be under the Statute 26-F right after it was implemented – and they are required to provide these checks to the people who wanted to invest in it. Freedom checks are like an investment at the stock market, wherein if an oil or petroleum company that they chose to invest in profits a lot, they will be given a percentage of their income and the amount will be sent through check. The larger the investment, the larger the percentage will be. All Your ‘Freedom Checks’ Questions Answered. It is similar to how a dividend works, but those who have purchased these checks have a chance of getting thousands of dollar per month on their mailbox if they would start investing smartly.

Matt Badiali stated that purchasing freedom checks is not a scam, because it is backed by a law that was passed during the administration of President Richard Nixon. The law, which is more popularly known as the Statute 26-F, was passed by the United States Congress during the times when oil and petroleum companies are thinking of leaving the United States for a better chance of profit in other countries. President Richard Nixon never liked the idea, and he mobilized the United States Congress to create a law that would persuade the operators to stay in the country.

The lawmakers drafted the Statute 26-F, promising oil and petroleum companies of tax-free operations, only if they will be staying in the United States and if they will be providing freedom checks. The companies agreed to the deal, and those who remained where referred to as MLPs, or master limited partnerships. In the present, they are the ones who provide the freedom checks, and according to Matt Badiali, only a few people knew about this, and he wanted to give everyone a chance.

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Madison Street Capital: A Company Recognized for their Services

Madison Street Capital became well-known across the United States because of their services targeting the middle market. The investment and financial firm have been helping a lot of middle market business people who do not have any means of getting additional financing. Madison Street Capital is also known for being the leader in merger and acquisition services, and recently, they have also focused on providing advisory services for companies who are trying to work with them. The Madison Street Capital reputation is mostly positive, coming from the business people who have worked with them in the past. They are saying that the firm knows how to handle their client’s issues well, and they are providing a concrete solution for everything.



Recently, the investment and financial firm were recognized by the M&A Advisor due to their competitive performance in the field of business and finance. They were given the Debt Financing Deal of the Year back in November 2017, and the M&A Advisor said that the influence of Madison Street Capital in the world of business is undeniable, and they deserve the award because of their assistance to hundreds of business owners across the United States. There are more than 600 companies who were prospective recipients of the award, but the Debt Financing Deal of the Year was ultimately given to Madison Street Capital.



The M&A Advisor started giving out awards back in 2002, and they said that the award-giving body is recognizing only the best companies. They are happy to inform that Madison Street Capital is one of the most competitive companies in the field of business and finance, and they have noticed that the company is eager to help the business people who are struggling with their finances. On the other hand, Madison Street Capital could not hide their gratitude for the award that was given to them. They said that they are flattered with the recognition provided to them, and it will make them more competitive in providing services to the business people who wanted their companies to thrive.



Today, Madison Street Capital is serious in expanding overseas. They have established satellite offices in major cities across the world, and the management stated that more business people could now avail of their services since they started propagating abroad. The company has a vision of helping all of the business people around the world who are having issues with their finances.



Visit http://madisonstreetcapital.org/ to learn more.