Arthur Becker And His Real Estate Investments

Arthur Becker is a man who made his money in the tech industry, and he is spending his reserve cash on real estate investments in the city of New York. There are quite a few people who are benefitting from what Arthur does, and this article explains how the city improves when Arthur is building in his new career. There are quite a few people who will enjoy seeing the city grow around them.

#1: The Townhomes

Arthur Becker traded his stake in a large development across the city for three townhomes in the Soho region. He is ensuring that the townhomes are built in the modern style, and someone who wishes to have a nice place to live may love the building Arthur is working on. He will live in one of these homes, and he will sell the other two for a great profit. He is proving that he knows how to make a proper investment in real estate.

#2: New Warehouse Condos

The warehouse condos that Arthur is planning on a large condo development that will produce a number of different condos for young professionals. Arthur wishes to reach out to young people who are moving to the city, and there are quite a few people who will love to live in a place such as this. They will be close to their work, and they will find that it is a nice neighborhood to live in. Moving to the city is fun for someone who has not been there before, and it will be improved because of Arthur’s new project.

#3: Arthur’s New Career

Arthur has remained in New York because he wishes to make real estate into his new career. He will share his gifts with many people who move into his buildings, and he will become a real estate mogul simply by investing well. You can visit Perez Hilton to know more.

Anyone who lives in New York will see the Arthur Becker name in lights at many buildings. He is creating better places to live for many, and he modernizing a city that wishes to grow as much as possible in the coming years. More details can be found on Ideamensch.

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The Young Entrepreneur Whitney Wolfe

An American entrepreneur Whitney Wolfe has made a huge name for herself in the business world.

Founder and CEO of Bumble, and a co-founder of Tinder, Wolfe has built quite an impressive resume over the years. Although only in her twenties, Whitney Wolfe has become one of the most respected female entrepreneurs anywhere in the world.

Wolfe is a native of Salt Lake City, Utah, born to property developers. She attended Southern Methodist University, where she earned a degree in International Studies. She began working in business at a young age, selling tote bags while in college at the age of 19. These bags would go on to get much attention including celebrities like Rachel Zoe and Nicole Richie.

Just a few years later Wolfe joined a company called Hatch Labs. It was here she began a project that would eventually lead her to an app that would become a huge success; Tinder. The app was a creation that Wolfe made with Sean Rad, Chris Gulczynski and Justin Mateen. Wolfe would go on to have a huge role in the company. Most people consider her the reason it became popular at colleges around the world.

Whitney Wolfe has had great success during her career. She is also responsible for the app Bumble. In 2014 she was named one of Business Insider’s 30 Most Important Women Under 30 In Technology. With an already amazing resume, success in creating a business and an understanding of the online world, Whitney Wolfe seems destined for more success in the future. Only in her mid twenties, she is certain to be an entrepreneur you hear about for many years to come.

Brad Reifler’s Role in Assisting Small Investors

Brad Reifler is an investment banking expert and the founder of Forefront Management Group, LLC where he serves as the CEO. Forefront Capital was established in 2009. Previously, he founded Pali Capital, an international financial company in 1995.

According to Bloomberg, Brad Reifler served as the chairman and chief executive officer of the company until 2008. During his tenure, the company’s revenue grew to over $200 million per annum.

The number of employees also expanded to 200 plus and opened offices in different parts including United States, Austria, Latin, United Kingdom and Singapore. The financial executive began his professional career in 1982 when he established Reifler Trading Corporation. The firm specialized in the trading of global derivatives, and was later acquired by Refco, Inc in 2000.

Problems Facing Small Investors According Brad Reifler

Access to investments

There has been limitation on what investment portfolio non accredited investors should access. Accredited investors are given priority, and hence are able to invest in private equity, hedge funds etc because they are considered to be more intelligent.

Market risk

According to Reifler, small investors do not have wide investment options compared to accredited ones. The only option left for non-accredited investors are investments correlated to the stock market.

High fees

Fees paid on Wall St are a big problem to small investors. Administration fees charged by investment firms are very high regardless of the performance of their investments. It implies that middlemen are benefiting from these transactions without factoring in their clients’ success.

About Forefront Capital

Brad Reifler founded Forefront Capital to try and resolve these problems encountered by small investors. His objective is to provide investment options to non-accredited investors that have been largely reserved for the wealthy. The firm does not charge administration fee and all its investments are non-correlated to the stock market.

According to Brad Reifler, these types of investment options are extremely important to small investors in the United States because they will be able to reserve adequate funds for the future. It is obvious that Brad Reifler and Forefront Capital have offered small investors a wide range of investment opportunities to choose from.

Lip Balm- A New Product

How did one company manage to take over the world of lip balm and sell more products than a tried and true brand like chapstick? Well, there are many factors that led to EOS lip balm taking the world of lip balm by storm to become the second best-selling lip balm in the country in only a few short years.

First, EOS ( focused on the design on the lip balm product. Since many similar products of the day were sold in boring tubes, this company had to figure out how to redesign the product to make it more fun for women to use in their daily beauty routines. The end result of that design process was cute pots of lip balm that women actually wanted to use. With cute colors and great flavors, women were instantly drawn to the product and happy to see the positive results as well.

Next, EOS or Evolution of Smooth focused on marketing its product to women aged 25-35. Beauty editors of popular magazines such as Cosmo and Allure had great reviews of the orbs of lip balm, and readers took notice. In addition, beauty bloggers featured EOS on sites such as Facebook, Instagram and even YouTube, which garnered even more positive attention. The products made its way to popular retail stores such as Walgreens, Walmart and even Lucky Vitamin drug stores.

Also, this company made the smart decision to partner with other well-known brands to get their product in front of even more potential customers. EOS partnered with respectable brands such as Disney and Keds, which further added to the popularity of the lip balm.

With a revolutionary design and a phenomenal marketing plan, it is easy to see how this company achieved its success in a short time period. According to an article on, EOS has no plans to slow down or stop and is even adding more great products to its existing line.

Securus Technologies – Helping Keep Communities Safer Through Crime Prevention Technology

Securus Technologies is one of the largest inmate communications and crime prevention technology firm in the country and serves over 1,200,000 prisoners and 3,450 law enforcement agencies. Over the years, the company has been able to develop a series of products and services that have made the correctional space advanced and safe.



The inmates are now able to not only talk to their loved ones but the services like video visitation now also allow the prisoners to meet and see their loved ones virtually. It helps the inmates, as well as their families and friends, lead a better life free from stress. In a way, it has also helped transform the lives of many prisoners and showed them the right path and left the crime world or the wrong ways they have followed earlier.



Securus Technologies recently published a press release online that showed a series of comments from the letters it received from the law enforcement officials. The letters go on to show how the services of Securus Technologies are helping the law enforcement officials with crime prevention and keep the crime rate low. It has also helped the law enforcement agencies to catch and convict the offenders.



Securus Technologies also used the press release as an opportunity to invite the investors and customers to its technology center. The company has one of the most advanced technology centers in Dallas, Texas, and the company wants the investors and clients to visit the center to check out the advancement the company has made in the last few years in bringing the innovation to the correctional sphere.



As a law enforcement official myself, I can say that the services of the company are one of the most advanced in the correctional sphere. I have used the crime based technology of other businesses, but the ones offered by Securus is by far the best and most helpful as well.




Flavio Maluf Explores What the UK Exit from the EU means for the European Economy

The United Kingdom exited the European Union following the passing of the Brexit referendum that was conducted in June last year. The immediate consequence at to that was an unprecedented 12 percent decline in the European stock market. This was then followed by the weakening of the sterling pound, hitting its lowest value in over thirty years. Flavio Maluf, an economy expert, argues that there are more consequences yet to be seen.

Effect on the British Economy

The British, who championed the exit, argued that inflationary pressure was high in the United Kingdom as a result of overspending on the European Union. According to Flavio Maluf, UK faces a significant drop in investments from the other EU countries, which will potentially harm the country’s economy in the long run.

New Tariffs and Quotas

Following the exit, Britain will stop enjoying free trade that exists among the European countries. This means that products from the country will be subjected to unprecedented tariffs and quotas, which will negatively affect its foreign trade with the EU. In an optimistic approach, however, Flavio Maluf pointed out that the UK will benefit from bilateral agreements that were previously unavailable.

Fresh Bilateral Terms

The exit will allow Britain to sign bilateral agreements with other countries on fresh negotiation terms on Previously, all bilateral agreements for the country were subjected to EU rates and standards. Flavio pointed out that his native country, Brazil, would not benefit much from this since the UK is not among the major trading partners to Brazil.

Effect on the EU

The exit robbed the European Union one of its largest economic contributors. The UK was also playing host to most of the EU’s structures, which complicates the matters even more for the union on After the exit, France and Germany were left as the strong EU members, although the French economy has been shaky lately. Maluf argued that there could be a possibility of other EU countries following the British path in the recent future.

About Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf is an alumnus of Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado, in Sao Paulo, Brazil where he graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He also attended the New York University. Flavio started working at Eucatex in 1987 serving in different departments and capacities. He started in the trade division and rose through the ranks to become President in 1997.

Life Line Screening Is an Excellent Way to Discover Possible Health Problems

Life Line Screening is a company that offers various ultrasound, blood, and EKG screenings so that people who have indicators of diseases and health problems can be apprised of possible issues that can be shared with their doctor.

Ultrasound tests show images of various body organs and their physical condition. Much can be derived by viewing the organs and their positioning in the body, and these tests are non-invasive, yet show the organs clearly as they are functioning inside of the body.

Ultrasound screenings can detect carotid artery health, aortic aneurysm screening in the abdomen, bone density and screening for Osteoporosis risk, and ankle-brachial index screening which can be an indicator of peripheral arterial disease.

The blood test given by Life Line Screening is a small finger prick in the fatty part of the finger that is practically painless. From this test, an entire blood panel can be derived that can tell a lot about items such as cholesterol, both HDL and LDL and other items such as glucose levels, proteins that affect the heart and other organs, and liver enzymes.

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A limited EKG can be administered which can detect an irregular heartbeat which can lead to a stroke and other heart issues.

Visit Life Line Screening’s YouTube Channel to learn more.

The results of the screenings that are performed by Life Line can be performed at the workplace where employers can get a general idea of the overall health of its employees. If an employer sees that there is a general health issue among its employee’s efforts to put programs together like time for walking, education on proper diets for overall health, and concentration on more frequents screenings and visits to a person’s doctor. This is, of course, does not single out any one person, but it can be a good indicator that can help an employer help the employees.




George Street Photo and Video in

Three close friends who were also professional photographers decided to form a nationwide company of independent photographers and videographers to share expertise and form a national brand. They met in a basement on George Street in Chicago, and thus the name. Participants in the George Street consortium hold themselves to be independent business people in their right.

Kiss Laugh Love Films in Atlanta uses a formal documentary style of approach by using high-end DSLR cameras. They prepare an entire litany of photos, set in a video format that gives everyone the total story from preparations to the result. Once completed, the result is unforgettable and is filled with the personal touches that make every documentary a touching and unforgettable source that people will watch again and again.

For photos other than weddings, Nina Parker Photography specializes in portraits, business pictures, and pets. Nina finds great satisfaction in her work because of what that can do for the people who are the subject of the photos.

How Julie Zuckerberg has spent her Profession as a Staffing Expert

Julie Zuckerberg is an experienced recruitment professional who has offered her services to various local and multinational companies. She presently holds multiple positions at the Deutsche Bank. Zuckerberg is the Talent Acquisition Leader of the enterprise, and her role is to coach and direct staff members who have specialized in recruitment’s. She also assists the company in hiring the top employees such as directors and leads negotiation. Julie also serves the Deutsche Bank as the Executive Talent Lead and spearheads its staffing practices. She schooled at the City University of New York and was awarded a psychology degree from its Brooklyn College. Julie later enrolled at the New York Law School for her Juris Doctor.


The professionals that she was responsible for hiring include manager, paralegals, attorneys, casual employee, and any skilled personnel that would be needed by the company. Julie was also in charge of informing the staff members on their job description, targets, privileges, and offering promotions. She used her law skills to serve as an arbitrator when the workers had issued with the management. Her expertise was also critical in solving conflicts as well as addressing grievances.


Julie worked at Hudson until 2007 when she joined Citi Global Consumer Bank, which is a New York-based firm. The company appointed her to be its executive recruiter. She was crucial in enhancing the performance of the enterprise by providing guidance on the compensation plans and staffing procedures. Zuckerberg assisted the company in sourcing highly talented employees in various fields. She helped the Citi Global Consumer Bank in addressing various talent hiring issues such as equity buyouts, clawbacks, immigrations, and relocation. The firm appointed her to manage global relocations and other sensitive matters that affected expatriates. Her service at the bank offered her experience in sourcing staff from different parts of the world.


Her position as an executive recruiter enabled her to acquire practical expertise on various recruitment approaches. Zuckerberg’s extensive knowledge allowed her to hire professionals who made positive contributions to the firm by supporting its business goals. According to Julie, being a leading staffing specialist is an art that one develops with time. She also believes that companies that need to be prosperous should hire highly competent and talented employees so as to boost their productivity.


The Citi Group taught Julie Zuckerberg a lot about various industries when she was its recruitment officer. She was able to acquire knowledge about staffing, audit, legal processes, compliance, and management. The vast experience that she got at the firm enabled her to get another job at the New York Life Insurance Company. She was in charge of the company’s recruitment process. Zuckerberg also helped the New York Life Insurance Company by offering comprehensive guidance on recruitment in all its departments. She worked with the administration of the enterprise to create reliable business policies that enabled it to be successful.


The 2016 Sales Record for Ohio’s Housing Market Surpass the 2005 Performance

Last year December marked the closure of one of the busiest year’s experienced by the Ohio real estate market since 2005. This happened despite the slowdown experienced in countrywide sales. According to the Ohio Association of Realtors, the state-wide purchases of homes rose by 7.5% from 2005 to about 151,600 last year. In fact, the Northeast Ohio has an increment of about 8% in sales. This is based on listing service information related to newly constructed and previously owned residences.

Pete Kopf, a realtor in Cincinnati, was one of the people who acknowledged the gains achieved by the Ohio housing market. More importantly, the December sales were about 2.8% higher than those attained in 2015. The average house sales price rose by 4.8% from 2015 to $159,531 last month. However, certain Ohio markets such as Northeast Ohio posted declines year-over-year.

About Tammy Mazzocco

Tammy Mazzocco is an established real estate agent who is based in Ohio. She began her career in real estate by working for The Edwards Realty Company as a secretary. Mike is a renowned commercial realtor. Later on, she spent about seven years of her life working at the Scotland Yard Condominiums. During this duration, Tammy Mazzocco became a fully licensed realtor at the suggestion of the owner of Cook Realty, Ken Cook, and the general manager of Scotland Yard. For more info, visit Tammy’s bio.

Ken Cook has played an instrumental role in molding Tammy Mazzocco to be the kind of person she is today. In fact, he is acknowledged for motivating and teaching Tammy during her early experience in the real estate industry. Judy Gang of Judy Gang & Associates has also played a major role in inspiring Tammy Mazzocco. Currently, Tammy sells a wide range of residential properties in various locations such as Delaware, Licking, Fairfield and Franklin counties in Central Ohio.

Contct Tammy Mazzocco via her social media pages: