Philip Belamant Continues To Make Life Easier For Millions Of People

Philip Belamant is the chief executive officer and founder of Zilch. His company makes payments much easier to deal with and has been working on new ways to become accessible to millions of people. Before creating his company, he worked hard to develop other financial products that improved the welfare of many peoples’ lives in South Africa.

Philip Belamant studied at the University of Johannesburg and received his degree in information technology while there. He was interested in mobile technologies and artificial intelligence and was able to create a biometric security system during his college days. After this, he created PBel, which was a business venture that earned millions of dollars.

Philip Belamant then began to create social games for mobile devices. His games gained popularity throughout South Africa, and his company’s mobile payment technology eventually began to take center stage. This is when PBel decided to become a mobile payments company, and it also expanded into Namibia at the same time.

Philip Belamant began to do more marketing for his company to get a better idea of the customers’ buying habits. He learned they were borrowing airtime to reduce their need to travel instead of doing so because of budget considerations. He made it so his company’s customers didn’t need to travel far to be able to pay their bills. Instead, they were able to do so out of the comfort of their own home.

Philip Belamant encouraged PBel to offer new services to its customers at this time. This is when they began to lend prepaid airtime to people as well as water and electricity. This enabled people to have more time in their lives as they could borrow the services they needed and then pay this back when it was easier to do so.