QNET is known to be one of the companies doing well in making direct sales. The company provides products that are life-changing in various markets. Through the solutions that the company offers, entrepreneurship skills plus lifestyle are improved.

Since 1998, the management of QNET has made it an obligation for their clients plus employees to feel proud of the company. For every year, the company keeps on growing and aims towards being better.

They received the “Stevie Awards” in the 7th yearly awards. The company is known to have sponsored one of the football clubs known as Manchester City. Moreover, it has supported some other activities based in the community.

The Stevie Awards won by QNET only allows participation by 29 countries located in both the region of Pacific and Asia. The awards are meant only for the topmost businesses across the world. Regarding the International Business Awards, QNET company has been recognized for over ten years now. Since 2014, the company has been in partnership with football. It has enabled football clinics to be set up in Asia for the good of young children.

The company has organized frequent tips for children in England at Etihad stadium. The prizes do help the needy families by catering for the trip expenses. The trip is objectified to inspire youths to work on their abilities and talents. The company is also recognized for the sponsorship of children coming from low-income family backgrounds in society. Countries that have gained from this sponsorship include Egypt, Ghana, Thailand, and many others.

Fans of Manchester City have made the company gain significantly. Through the company’s scholarship with the football club, the company has been impacted positively. The company is known to be a producer of products related to lifestyle for its clients. It also deals with issues concerning well-being. In the business sector, the company has tremendously grown ever since its invention. The company has inspired over one million entrepreneurs across the world. Follow this page on Twitter, for related information.


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