Quentin Flannery Providing A Way Forward for Future Generations

Quentin Flannery is a force to reckon with in the resources sector, specifically in the coal industry. He has worked in several companies such as Yancoal Australia Limited and has significantly contributed to their success. For instance, at Yancoal Australia Limited, he worked as its Global Head of Thermal Coal Sales. As such, Quentin Flannery spearheaded the expansion of its presence all over China and across the Asia regions. And within no time was able to make the company one of the leading producers of coal in Australia.

Quentin Flannery is also on the board of numerous start-ups such as Sunset Power International, an NSW energy supplier and Delta Coal, a thermal coal mining company. As a member of the team in these companies, he works to make an impact. Quentin Flannery has achieved tremendous success in his field and attributes most of it to outstanding mentorship over the years. And to give back to the community has created the Quentin Flannery Resources Scholarship.

Lending A helping Hand

That is offered to students who intend on pursuing a career in the resource industry, specifically in the mining and geology areas. It is presented annually to one successful individual who explains extensively through an essay how to manage the challenges of the resource sector, especially during this period of technology and innovation. Once awarded, Quentin Flannery explains, the lucky individual gets a grant worth 5,000 dollars made towards their education. To top it all off, they get very informative mentorship sessions with Quentin Flannery and his team. That leaves them ready to take on the world and build their careers successfully and eventually become the great leaders of tomorrow.

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