Revolutionizing Education through ClassDojo

ClassDojo is an education consumer brand whose mission is to help all school-going kids globally to acquire an education they love. Surveys have shown dissatisfaction among most US families concerning their children’s education exposure. Client encounter scores from legacy education have attracted a negative or single-digit rating. ClassDojo is building the world’s first customer brand in training.

The education market is large and attracts around $10 trillion. However, ClassDojo founder and CEO believes that the education market is about to shift the top-down decision and serve all stakeholders in the sector-educators, learners, and families. According to Sam Chaudhary, the CEO of ClassDojo, a good education is not like a gadget that can be shipped in a classroom but rather an experience created by people who work in schools, including children and school leaders.

Since its inception, ClassDojo has increased, and one in six families in the US with a kid in primary uses it daily. In addition, the application has spread to over 180 countries globally. In over 10 of the countries above, over 25% of primary education educators use it. The spread of the app has been through word of mouth and referrals. In 2018, the company launched a program dubbed Beyond school at the request of parents. The program makes education accessible to children beyond school learning hours.The communication app has been praised globally for revolutionizing education and maintaining family participation.

By rolling out Beyond school, an optional subscription, the company raised finances to keep improving the app to make it freely accessible to teachers, parents, and learners worldwide. The target customer for the learning app is families, learners, and educators. The business model for the communication learning app adjusts their motivators to the instructors, youngsters, and families on the ground. It’s an essential, transparent model that changes them to serving the genuine ‘buyers’ of training — youngsters and their families. The Beyond School program has helped 75% of parents get more involved in their children’s lives .80% of Parents say they enjoy using it together.

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