Simon Denyer, Is A Star Reporter

Simon Denyer on the Washington column New Culture and Media Editor

Washington Post culture writer Denyer’s new book, “In the Now,” documents how the right has co-opted the media, and its propaganda has been increasingly accepted as mainstream. The result, Denyer argues, is a new culture that’s also a greater danger than informers-in-distress fear.

“In the Now” is a rollercoaster ride of political and personal themes, but Simon Denyer’s starting point is simple: If you’re on the left, you’re compromised. She’s talking about the Post’s culture editor, the anonymous blogger, the New York Times op-ed page, the internet and social media, and any journalist who takes a skeptical look at the propaganda disseminated by the left and the right.

Even though Denyer is a left-leaning, liberal Washington Post writer, she’s not partisan. Instead, she’s a journalist first and a writer second. She’s willing to take on the establishment and its propaganda.

The Washington column’s top culture editor, Simon Denyer, is a star reporter.

As a youth, Simon Denyer loved to report. He wove together magazine articles and researched topics like a pro, earning him a place in The Washington Post’s history as a leading reporter. In his 15 years at the Post, Denyer became the top culture editor, editing coverage of everything from architecture to art, music, and social issues.

The Washington column’s “fake news” investigation

In May 2017, Denyer’s former colleagues at The Post published articles that exposed fraudulent news stories being peddled by the right-wing website, The Gateway Pundit. The reports detailed the news site’s ties to alt-right figures, including its owner, who was briefly banned from Twitter for hate speech.


The problem is that the more the left successfully imposes its ideology and worldview on the general population, the more difficult it will be for the right to bring back the press to its side. And the alt-right will find new, more effective methods to spread its message. It’s a dangerous game, and the alternative is a left-wing media-controlled America. Simon Denyer’s: Twitter.