The Canadian Pandemic According to Sujit Choudhry

Governments around the world have all been handling the COVID-19 pandemic differently, according to Sujit Choudnry, and Canada is no different at this time. There are many ways in which the constitution has been changed during the pandemic, even in Canada as you can see in the information that is provided. In Canada, for instance, lockdowns were completed much more effectively than in the United States as there is no legal enforcement of the lockdowns, but there is strong encouragement, especially in places like Ontario. Contact tracing is also a concern in which there is more research to be done on if mobile applications still meet constitutional guidelines. More articles to read at Google Scholar

Sujit Choudnry also shares that end-of-life care is a major concern in Canada during the pandemic. There are last-resort guidelines, for instance, which are showing up in hospitals across the country such as the use of a ventilator based on how likely someone is to survive. It has been difficult to make any decisions throughout the country now, however, due to the confusion between federal power and province power in light of the pandemic. It is important for both legislations to work together in order to provide the best outcomes possible out of this pandemic according to Choudhry.

Many countries around the world, including Canada, have used their legislative powers in order to defeat the crisis that is occurring. Some of these in Canada, for instance, has even allowed for the change in taxes due to the pandemic at the moment. Choudhry does believe that more research is required, but he is an expert on the constitutional laws that come in democracies such as Canada. He is actually an expert on Canadian law specifically and has been on the counsel to provide information to the Supreme Court of Canada on numerous occasions.

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