The Career Of Larry Baer

As a professional sports’ leading visionary, Larry Baer is a celebrated icon from San Francisco. In 1992, he partnered with Peter Magowan to establish a new private group and negotiate a sale that maintained the SF Giants in San Francisco.

The Giants CEO might be the leader of the Giants now but he was not always the big success he is at the moment. So how did he work his way up to be the big shot he is currently? Well, he was born April 8, 1957 to a Jewish family in San Francisco. As a kid, he went to Lowell High where he became the sports director as well as the manager of the student run radio station known as KALX.

The SF Giants CEO even managed to make them the official radio station of the Oakland A’s. After graduating from UC Berkley with a focus on political science as part of the class of 1980, he went on to be the marketing director of the giants. However, he later left this role in order to attend business school at Harvard where he would do some work for Westing House.

In the early 90’s, he returned to the Giants to help them form a group that would later prevent the team from moving to Tampa. He soon was able to settle into his role as chief assistant and helped them to design a new ball park; AT&T Park, which was finished at the turn of the century. When it first opened, it was known as Pacific Bell Park but it has changed names quite a few times over the years.

It currently is known as Oracle Park after they signed a $200 million deal for the name rights. In 2008, he was promoted to the role of club president and, just a few years after that, he became the CEO of the team after Bill Neukom decided to retire. Under his eye, they have won the world series twice & he now lives with his wife and 4 kids in the bay area of CA. Refer to this page for more information.


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