The Gordonstoun School  Royal Report Cards

In a twist that only serves to confirm the ambitious, good-natured but occasional mischievous nature of the late Prince Phillip, his report cards from his time at Gordonstoun school have surfaced.

The report cards, released earlier this year with Buckingham Palace’s permission, anticipated Prince Phillip’s birthday, who would have turned 100 in June.

The reports cards include the headmaster’s notes for the years between 1934 and 1939, just before Phillip embarked to Dartmouth to the Royal Naval College.

The released report cards were written in 1947, some weeks before Phillip and Princess Elizabeth got engaged. The report cards were requested to assess Phillip’s career at school.

Gordonstoun school was established in 1934 by Dr. Kurt Hahn, an educationalist and a German Jew who had escaped to the UK from Germany.

The school has seen three British royals generations attend and has its fees at £40,000-a-year. It sits on a 200 –acre woodland Northern Scotland estate.

The school’s location makes it ideal for the outdoor education program for which it is famous.

The scholar focuses on unlocking and fostering academic and personal potential through a broad curriculum.

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Their mentor closely monitors each student’s progress as the school boasts a student/ staff ratio of 7:1.

Prince Phillip joined the school at the age of 13 and became the school’s 10th student. The school reports indicate that he had exhibited a mix of joy sadness but has an undefeatable spirit.

The school founded on producing students with moral contributions to society found Phillip’s behavior unbecoming.

Laughing at the Nazi salute despite the horrors of the Nazis in Germany was considered appalling in the view of school management, who had thought it a better idea for Phillip to return to England.

According to Dr. Hahn, Prince Phillip was not amused by what he terms Royalty nonsense as people would accustom him to get autographs after theatre or matches.

Dr. Hahn, however, noted that Phillip had fantastic attention to detail and was not a person to settle for any answer.

Phillip’s ability to perform many tasks led to his several impatience and intolerance incidents. Phillip has been visiting the school on different occasions.

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