The Reality Of Qnet: Why It Is Right For You

QNet is among the biggest direct selling firms globally. QNet is a franchise sales company – a collection of internationally recognized companies operating under one umbrella.

Their brands include Vistaprint; IhTech (doctored invigilators); HomeChoice (home, living, and leisure products); Oki (handheld printers, scanners, digital solutions); TDK (video, portable and data solutions); Cairns (transportation and support services); and Zenology (accessories and gifts). Checking their website will give you a lot of insights about the company and the products offered by the franchise model, which is one of the fastest-growing direct selling models in the world.

What are the Benefits of QNet?

On top of the wide range of products that QNet sells, one of the main advantages of QNet is that the company never earns a commission from a salesperson’s products. This is a crucial point because it is a way that QNet ensures that it never pays its representatives a commission on the products they sell. That’s not to say that QNet is doing nothing to generate sales for its salespeople; the company offers a wide range of incentive programs, such as free products, discounts, and cash bonuses.

In addition, QNet’s promoters (who are often salespeople) are all under strict control. They are regularly reminded about the core values, vision, mission, and what they should and shouldn’t do. QNet also offers an extensive range of health and beauty products and boasts a wide range of products from over 6,000 brands with certified efficacy. Visit this page for related information.

QNet has earned over US$500 million from sales of health, wellness, and lifestyle products since it was established in 1992, and in the 2017 year-end, QNet’s network of distributors and agents worldwide reached the figure of more than 10 million.

Given QNET’s remarkable track record, investors should be interested in QNet. The company has 3,000 employees worldwide and an estimated 3.5 million shareholders. QNet’s mission is to empower entrepreneurs and businesses to fulfill their life ambition and dreams through its high-quality and affordable products.


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