Tim Murawski: Taking Spine Surgery to the Next Level

Tim Murawski, also known as Timothy Murawski, is the founder and the CEO of Augmedics. Augmedics is a Chicago-based company that focuses on producing medical surgery equipment that uses the latest technology in treatment. According to Tim Murawski, the company has an objective that drives it to make sure that it produces devices that help in spinal surgeries. The company is where it is today due to Tim’s knowledge of leadership and biotechnology.¬†


Healthcare expert Tim Murawski is currently an alumnus of Western Illinois University, where he graduated with a bachelor’s in operations management, and supervision. After working in several firms with hughe success, he identified his interest in sales and innovation, which was the beginning of his career journey (Paganresearch).


What do Augmedics do?


For the longest time on the face of the planet, X-rays are used to see the state of the human body before surgeries. As technology continues to evolve, the medical field is also seeking improvement. That is why Augmedics, under the leadership of Tim Murawski, aims to bring the future of surgeries insight. You might be wondering how this is possible. 

The new XVision Spine System is a system that allows medics to see through the anatomy of a human being on the operation bed. That means, healthcare expert Tim Murawski explains, that a patient does not have to get an X-ray before surgery. What happens is that through the XVision Spine System the doctors will see through the body tissues to the spine and everything reflected on the screen. This system will allow surgeons to get better visuals and controls of what they are working on. The system aims to save time and have safe and less complicated surgeries.