ZeroAvia is On Track in its Hi-Flyer II Program

ZeroAvia is a world leader in the development of hydro-electric engines for commercial, agricultural, and cargo airplanes. With companies based in both the United States and the United Kingdom, they have obtained certificates to conduct experimental test prototypes of zero emission power trains. ZeroAvia reached a successful milestone last year in September and are moving forward in their HyFlyerII test program. Important tests are conducted on zero emission power trains for what will ultimately be used in 40 to 80 seat airplanes. 


The September, 2020 test in their HiFlyer II program was successful using a 15 ton heavy duty military Hyper Truck. The 600 kW power train was used to pull the heavy duty truck and did so with great success. This was a very important milestone in the HyFlyer II program. ZeroAvia is moving forward in the program (Aero-mag).


CEO and founder of ZeroAvia, Val Miftakhov reported that last year’s test was successful in developing the 600 kW power train, and now, in June of this year they have secured the use of 2 Dornier 228 planes for the next phase of the program. 

With 3 successful tests completed in March of this year, ZeroAvia used 250kW power trains in a 6 seat test run which was successfully completed. ZeroAvia’s plans for the future include the test of a 2MW hydrogen electric powertrain that is used in full size commercial planes. Last September the first hydrogen electric powertrain for commercial planes was tested and successfully completed. Later this year ZeroAvia’s plans are to use the 2 Dornier planes. Val Miftakhov congratulates their team of dedicated colleagues who are based in the United States and the United Kingdom.