Zilch: A Buy Now Pay Later Approach Creating A Difference

In the era of fintech giants and modern payment processors, Zilch, a London-based company, has introduced a buy now pay later (BNPL) approach to help customers make purchases with the option to pay later. The financing solution has been proven to increase customer’s confidence when making purchases as they have to worry no more due to lack of immediate cash.

Zilch BNPL is unique because it allows clients to make their purchases without charging interests instead of other companies using the technology. The company is committed to helping clients gain control over their money rather than exploiting them. They work with leading online sellers like Nike, Topman, UGG, Adidas, and iTunes.

With the increased use of Zilch BNPL cards, the London-based company has set aside more than $10 million to help grow the BNPL scheme. Zilch will use the amounts to reach more clients joining the platform and increase the rollouts payment system to cater to ever-growing customers.

Zilch has partnered with online leading provider Mastercard to deliver a unique payment system to facilitate its growth. The partnership will ensure that UK Shoppers can make their purchases more effectively using Zilch Virtual Mastercard. Residents can use details of their debit cards, phone numbers, or email addresses to sign up for the Zilch Virtual Mastercard and enjoy its services immediately.

Zilch was founded by Serge Belamant, an award-winning entrepreneur famous for bringing inventions to transform the globe into a better place. He is also the face behind SSASWITCH, the third-largest ATM system with its roots in South Africa.

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