Andrew Frame Credits His Productivity at Work to His Hobbies

Andrew Frame was born and raised in Las Vegas and as fate would have it, he would own and run his first technology company at the age of 15 that prompted him to drop out of his high school education. The company commenced as an Internet Service Provider (ISP) but later grew to become one of the largest in Las Vegas. Andrew worked with Cisco Systems where received numerous certifications.

He would later join Procket Networks, a core router new company, and worked as a system test engineer. He passionately worked for the firm until the year 2004 when he reverted to his entrepreneurial passion.

After resigning from Procket networks, Andrew Frame launched and started developing Ooma in the year 2005. During this time Andrew had acquired significant prominence that resulted in him being backed up by a commendable and strong team of technology experts.

These technology executives included Mike Ramsey who created Tivo, Keith Krach the founder and CEO of Ariba, and Sean Parker the Co-creator of Napster. Recently, Andrew Frame was interviewed by the famous Ideamensch over his expansive career. When he was asked about a trend that excites him, Frame depicted that the fact that the entire universe has gone mobile thrills him.

Andrew Frame depicts that the world is in the pure infancy of over 4 billion smartphones across the globe. He asserted phones should be tasked with so much responsibility of fulfilling basic needs in human life. He prides himself in inventing an app, Citizen that tackles safety as one part of human need.

When queried of a habit that makes him productive as a business person, Andrew Frame depicted that his passions away from work like studying poetry, film, and literature significantly contribute to his productivity. Andrew also encourages his team to engage in their hobbies when away from work. See this article for additional information.


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