Dato Vijay Eswaran on Silence’s Power

Vijay Eswaran refers to this as a “Sphere of Silence,” and it provides him with both personal and professional serenity. Every morning, he sets out a few minutes to meditate and refocus, allowing him to better handle the rest of the day’s challenges. This or a similar exercise can assist business leaders and entrepreneurs center themselves in times of extreme stress, according to his advice.

You may strengthen the part of your brain that operates like a muscle by practicing how to hold space for stillness and reflection. This will help you become more capable of withstanding stress and responding appropriately. Eswaran just needs to spend an hour a day on this procedure, but it is critical in setting the pace for the rest of the day. Duty, Knowledge, and Devotion are the three divisions of the Sphere of Silence. He spends half an hour preparing for the day and reflecting on the day before, which is part of his duty. Examining the successes and failures of the previous day can provide context for the tasks that lie ahead and provide insight into what one has to do in order to improve. It is impossible to plan for the future without first understanding what led to yesterday’s events, according to Eswaran. “Therefore, the key to tomorrow is comprehending yesterday.”

With this foundation in place, Vijay Eswaran advocates dedicating 20 minutes a day to learning new things by immersing yourself in educational nonfiction. In this technique, reading and then journaling takeaways helps to reinforce the lessons learnt so that they become a permanent part of one’s personality. To conclude, Eswaran devotes a brief period of time to contemplation of a greater force. Vijay Eswaran advises that this time be spent in solitude, contemplation, and communion with one’s inner self, whatever that means to the person.

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